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Special attention should be paid to which folder you allow other Bluetooth devices to browse, as if you leave Bluetooth Sharing turned on it is not as secure as other protocols and could allow unwanted people to access your Mac when you are in a public place. The range of Bluetooth is limited to under 10 meters so the likelihood is small however not impossible.

When the Bluetooth System Preferences is open the Mac will become discoverable with the same computer name that is set in the Sharing preference pane:.

How to transfer files between Mac and iPhone wirelessly & without internet!

Then check the box to make the device visible. Your android device will now show a message asking you to confirm the number shown matches the one shown on your Mac if it does tap accept on the android device:. The feedback you provide will help us show you more relevant content in the future.

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Answer Wiki. Answered Mar 23, Related Questions More Answers Below Why does apple not allow bluetooth file transfers on their devices? Why does Apple restrict Bluetooth file transfers in its products? Why does iPhone not pair with other non-Apple devices via Bluetooth to transfer files?

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Is it possible to transfer files between two or more desktop PCs using Bluetooth technology? If yes, how? Is it possible to pair two Bluetooth devices to the main device? Improve the way you share files with your clients.

Create a branded environment for your clients, where they can easily access all your approved content. Answered Mar 22, There are many ways on a Mac.

How to Use AirDrop to Securely Share or Transfer Files

Related Questions Is it possible to send music files between iPhones via Bluetooth? Those guys ruin it for all of us, but I'm glad that Apple is watching over us users like that. You can't just send pictures, or ringtones, or any file on the iPhone via bluetooth. Send photos, videos, files, and contacts easily. I would have to go and take a look at the bluetooth options as they are now on 3. I apologize.

How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to Computer Through Bluetooth

Sending through MMS or photo text message seems slow and sometimes didn't work Message was edited by: My friend turned on his Bluetooth and I turned on my bluetooth too. He could only find me and I couldn't see his in my list. If so, you could transfer the files to your computer, you can then transfer them to your iPhone through iTunes.