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I'm new to using such equipment so if you can be as specific as possible and provide links to places to find the solutions that would be fantastic. Posted on Apr 21, 5: Page content loaded. Apr 23, 1: The first problem I see is that you are using the M-Powered version. That version only works with M-Audio interfaces. So you will need the regular Pro Tools version that will work with the Digideign and Avid Mbox series interfaces. Pro Tools never corrected the fact that because it says M-Powered it means it works with Mbox. Pretty stupid mistake.

M-Powered for M-Audio and not Mbox? You can see why the confusion. Second, make sure you install the program without the Mbox being connected. Make sure you read the installing procedure in the manual. Also you'll need to install a couple of drivers and assign midi mapping to your interface. The best set-up will be running the PT program on your internal drive and recording straight to an external Firewire hard drive. Do not even bother using a USB hard drive. USB although technically faster than Firewire, it is severely more inconsistent in data transfer than the Firewire connection.

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This is where so many recording enthusiasts that don't know the in and outs of USB versus Firewire connections. Always use Firewire for your drives. When recording or mixing you will need to make adjustments with memory and buffer size. Lion is not compatible with PT8. No, I don't think PT8 will be upgraded to work with Lion. Upgrade to 9. Ampex B half-track and four-track, tube full-track mono, MM track.

Mac OS X Requirements with Pro Tools

Find all posts by Park Seward. The problem is getting it to install under LION. I just saw yet another post in another forum that was possible to run pro tools 8 in Lion, they installed a fresh PT 8 and then upgraded to pt 8. I have the mboxpro new still sealed with PT 8. I'm so tempted to install Thats all I did.

I ptle 8.

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No issues here. Craig F.

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Originally Posted by drumbit. I also would not trust an instalation of 8. All it could take is installing a new plugin, driver or OS update to screw it all up. I'm running LE8 on Lion.

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LE8 was originally installed on snow leopard which then got updated to lion. Protools 8 didn't want to load a few times first and crashed After I took that out of the plug in folder Protools runs nicely Hi Guys, I've been a pc user for decades. I have had so many problems with windows 7 crashing that I have just purchased a mac book pro.

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  7. When I was using my last pc laptop. I had all kinds of problems installing pro tools 8. I have never installed a driver for it. It doesn't show up as an interface in GarageBand or Audacity.

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    PreSonus could be a nice alternative for me. That's too bad, but it was worth a shot. I usually advise people to stay a year or so behind the technology curve for audio, just so that all of the drivers can catch up.

    Pro Tools 9.05 Running On Mac OS X Lion 10.7

    Audio companies always seem slow about updates to me. Good advice, WarriorBob. In the meantime, this guy claims to have the MBox working with Pd and Soundflower. Choosing an interface to match your software is an adventure in and of itself but is beyond the scope of this question.

    Hit me up in chat sometime if you want to talk interfaces, I've done that a couple of times. Hope this helps someone.

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    I've tried that twice. Both times I get a beep. I change my audio preferences to Mbox Demo and it beeps about every 30 seconds.