How to delete synced photos from mac to iphone

Sync Photos From should be like the first thing you see on that screen; left hand side. If not, this could potentially be the problem and you may have to uninstall and reinstall iTunes I may be wrong with that doing that but honestly, that's what I would do , and see if that changes anything.

How to Delete Synced Pictures on an iPhone

If not, then you may need to contact Apple on this one, just cause it should give you the option to at least choose syncing either pictures or from a specific folder. If not, and you are able to find another way, make sure to update us here so we know what to do when that happens to us cause odds are it will; lol. Jul 23, 7: Thanks for taking the time to respond. While I was waiting for your reply, I went to youtube and saw a video that somewhat led me to try this solution the folder used in the instructional video contained 1 photo, my folder contained 56 photos, but I used the same principle that he did with folder containing one photo: I went to the folder on my PC and opened it, and then deleted the contents.

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However, I deleted the folder I had created in iTunes , not the original folder on my PC which contained the identical photos. Then I instructed iTunes to sync with that [empty] folder it read "0 photos". Then, magically, that album on my iPhone disappeared. It may have been pure luck that it worked, but thankfully it's done.

[Solved] How to Delete Synced Photos from iPhone/iPad

I can't tell you the hours invested trying to figure this out. Hope this helps someone, and thanks again for your feedback. It encouraged me! Do you happen to have a link to the YouTube video you saw?

All iPhones: How to Delete "Undeletable" Photos & Videos

Just in case someone else isn't sure of how or where to find it. Jul 24, 4: I tried a whole bunch of different options from other posts but this is the only one that worked. Thank you!!!! Jul 25, 3: Hi, I am such a non-technical person to put it mildly I don't know how to add the link to the video to this reply.

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How about this? I copied this from youtube: Again I appreciate all the support. I've never sought help online like this before and it certainly helped. Aug 19, 5: Sep 3, 1: I have been trying to do this for absolute ages, and thanks to you I have just done it with in seconds, very great advice thank you. Sep 15, 8: What's more, you can preview and choose the unwanted photos to delete and remain the favorite photos before the cleaning process.

Apart from synced photos, you can also manage or erase the other private files, such as contacts, messages, call history, photos, Safari history and etc. Below are the free trail of the program in Mac and Windows version, please download the right version on your computer and start to delete synced photos on iPhone right now. Then the program will detect your device automatically. Then select the "Erase Private Data" mode to delete synced photos on iPhone.

Part 1. How to delete synced photos from iPhone or iPad with MobiMover

After that this program will start to scan all your private data on your device. After scanning, you might preview all private files on your iPhone. Please click "Photos" tab on the left panel to load all the photos on your iPhone, including the synced photos. Then you might select the unwanted synced photos while previewing. After selection, just click "Erase Now" button and then type "delete" on the box of pop-up window to start deleting synced photos on your iPhone.

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  • Recover Data from Water Damaged iPhone. I have synced a folder which contains some pictures to my iPhone. The synced photos are successfully copied to my iPhone. But I can not see any "delete" option in my iPhone to remove the synced photos. The "Camera Roll" which has the pictures that I took via the iPhone's camera have an option "delete" in the bottom of the picture.

    But synced photos does not have that delete button. Can't I delete the synced photos with a single touch? I had the same issue with an old iPhone 5s. I finally managed to delete the photos using iFunBox.

    How to Delete Synced Photos from iPhone/iPad/iPod Quickly - iMobie

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