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I even have episode 1 of this game as a drm free app, and it runs fine on my system, but refuses to start on Steam, so I'm pretty sure that the problem is the Steam app. I tried verifying the chache files, tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game, tried upgrading Steam to a beta version, tried using Steam in offline mode, but none of that works. As I said, I have 89 games, and tested and played all, and the only games that are causing troubles are the 5 episodes of Back to the Future and Portal 2.

Is anyone having a similar problem? There's anyone who managed to solve this problem? Showing 1 - 9 of 9 comments.

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I had the same problem with an external folder. The game runs from your standard steam directory only, it seems. Telltale knows since ages: Garth View Profile View Posts. It still doesn't work for me even with this fix.

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Anybody know how to stop it from flickering? Episode 1: For me the game starts i hear shortly the intro music and see a black screen at the same time and thats it. After this no sound anymore still the black screen and i even cant quit the game anymore or do anything else to go back to the desktop. I run Yosemite I hope there will be an update or anything to fix this issue because i would love to play all those episodes.

I found a solution for Yosemite users! Last edited by aB1s ; 29 Dec, 9: Originally posted by aB1s:. Just tried starting episode one. But this is the exception rather than the rule. I'm under no illusion that there won't be more Macs in the offering. You can pretty much guarantee there will be new Macs, but I think that Apple is now shifting its priorities. To paraphrase a famous old man that lived in the desert: These are not the Macs you -- as a Gewirtz-style edge case and power user -- are looking for. It's not unreasonable to assume there will be further consolidation of the line, and the company is going to focus on getting by with the least amount of SKUs to address the widest base of users.

We will probably see the MacBook line whittled down to just the Pro, the iMacs reduced to two models, and the elimination of the Mini.

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And given Apple's enthusiasm for eGPUs , I think its a given that this is the way the company sees being able to scale performance for Macs going forward. Need more compute for that 3D visualization or model running on your MacBook or iMac? Add an eGPU.

Or two. Or three.

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Or eight. By the way, I wrote about this seven years ago as a fanciful prediction of the future. I don't think it's a guarantee we are going to see a new Mac Pro if developers and content creators can get better bang for the buck with more modular system designs, especially if you combine this with cloud-based resources that can be provisioned on demand and paid for when they are really needed. I have no doubt that Apple has a Marklar-style project , which has the objective of creating a next-generation computing platform using that architecture.

It is investing a lot of resources in producing new A-series semiconductor designs, no doubt with the ARM Cortex-A76 architecture that has performance rivaling true desktop PCs and Macs. So, yes, Apple is creating new computers. But I don't think these will be Macs.

Back to the Future Episode 4 black screen on OSX Yosemite

And it won't be iPads. Not as we recognize them now. They will be something else.

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So, everything needs a re-write and replacement. Apple does not have the problem Microsoft faces with trying to bring legacy users into the future with a hybrid OS like Windows 10, which incorporates both new and old technology in order to maintain compatibility with application code in very wide use that is very old and to provide functionality for new features and modernized applications. For Microsoft this is a difficult tightrope to walk on: To find that balance that is acceptable to everyone.

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Ditching legacy baggage is extremely difficult for it, and it is probably its No. Because Apple isn't Microsoft, it can afford to throw babies out with the bathwater, which would be a very Apple -- even Jobsian -- thing to do. So, rather than re-writes of OSes, I believe it intends to create entirely new platforms that have little or no ties to the past. We are talking about platforms that use modern systems architectures, such as ARM, rather than Intel, which has decades of power-consuming cruft included for backward compatibility, something that such a future platform would not need.

These will be built from the ground up to be secure with fault domains built into the hardware and the operating system working together -- rather than have security features bolted on in order to address threats from everywhere and everyone. Most importantly, they will have user experiences that are not just the desktop and icon paradigm, which we have been used to for plus years, but also new experiences such as augmented and virtual reality, holographic interfaces with computer vision, machine learning, and voice control.

They will have sensors that are not just on our bodies using wearables like Apple Watch , but also all over the home, in our vehicles, and in public spaces that will anticipate our needs and inform us at all times. In essence -- to paraphrase Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella -- everything we interact with in our world will be our "computer. These won't be Macs. They won't be iOS devices. It's not entirely apparent as to what these are, but I believe we are at a transition point where these plans will become much more self-evident in the next 18 months or so. Coordinating sex for busy couples should be an app.

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Samsung's latest crop of flagship smartphones are fast approaching. All will be revealed at the company's February 20 Unpacked event in San Francisco. A professor found an Apple IIe in his dad's attic. And it worked.

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