Pxe boot per mac address

This was tested with x86 servers.

Solution to Ignore SCCM Duplicate Hardware Identifiers

DHCP would hand over the correct files. For rare cases when a server does not report via DHCP correctly users could still re-deploy the default template and make a special case for the given MAC. They should both work, but in case users would need to swith between each other, they would need to download and extract bootx Sign in Register.

You'll still need to press F12 to get your system to PXE boot Unless it's set as firs tin boot order Then if you're running pxeboot.

PXE Network Boot

I've just tried it It works. MayP Oct 4, at Hi Gef, I've tried to replicate your steps but the result just isn't the same here. Thanks in advance. Drop the double slash at the start of the attribute value - It's not a UNC path!

Understanding the provisioning process for PXE-based provisioning

Our WDS versions must be different, I get more options, but yours look ok! Hopefully it will work once you change the slashes!

Let us know how it goes! Here's my test systems attributes Nothing is ever simple, is it?

How to Ignore SCCM Duplicate Hardware Identifiers

It would be no fun if it was easy! MayP Oct 5, at The command completed successfully. So far so good.

Our info on the client now looks like this: Matt - Did you have any joy? May- Do systems that you have built previously with WDS already have the netbootguid set? Me and Matt work in the same place, I'm picking up where he left off. All our systems are built with WDS but they netbbootguid value is still blank by default.

How to use BMC Server Automation for PXE-based provisioning

So I opened the files in notepad and noticed this: Reckon these files are corrupt and I need to reinstall WDS? Or does it only work for PXE deployments? I see now in when I add new Mac Addresses using the Hierarchy settings, they are not added to my existing list in the registry, so apparently this new method utilizes a different location to store these.

That raises a couple of questions for me. Thanks very much for this informative article.

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I found an answer to importing a large number. You can use these WMI Classes: So, for, example, with PowerShell: I see this options is available via the Console in , but can this be done using the Registry example as well?