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After installing the latest Office for Mac update, every time that you start a Microsoft Office for Mac program, you experience one of the following symptoms: The Office Setup Assistant runs unexpectedly. You receive the following error message: Office for Mac has determined that your product key is not valid. To use Office for Mac, you must enter a valid product key. This problem occurs if one of the following conditions is true: Your copy of Office for Mac was installed by using an invalid product key.

Your copy of Office for Mac was installed on more than one computer by using the same product key. To resolve this problem, you must remove the invalid product key, and then enter a valid product key for Office for Mac.

Change Product Key Of Mac Office 2008

To do this, use one of the following Methods below. If you do not have valid product key, purchase a genuine copy of Office for Mac. To do this, visit the following Mactopia Web site: Drag the OfficePID. Open Library. Open Preferences , and then open Microsoft. Open Office , and then drag Microsoft Office settings. On the Apple menu, click Restart. If this persists, return the Office package and buy from a more reputable source. University bookstores are pretty reputable sources. The bookstores no doubt are reputable but it is still possible for someone to purchase a copy, and with a couple of friends use up the three codes on three computers and return the software for a refund.

Originally Posted by baggss. Beachballs - Computer seems slower than it used to? Read this for some slow computer tips: Speedup - Almost full hard drive? Some solutions. Out of Space - Apple Battery Info. Originally Posted by harryb Originally Posted by pigoo3.

My thoughts exactly! Originally Posted by vansmith. It's technically possible but most places nowadays won't take back software if the package has been opened. So, if three friends did do this, the odds of them being able to return the software are pretty slim.

If they were able to exchange the product sometimes an option for opened software , then the fault lies with the bookstore who should give this individual a refund or a working copy.

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Have you ever been to a university bookstore? They are just as credible as the local brick and mortar office supplies store or Amazon.

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If anything "fishy" is going on, it has nothing to do with the bookstore. I think that you may have misinterpreted my meaning when I was agreeing that something "fishy" may be going on. Next, trash the W, X, P, E, messenger, and doc collection icons on the bottom. Empty the trash. Reinstall MS Office from the disc. Check for updates and first install Install It should be good to go. Does anybody have one. Hope you can give it now. Thanks in advance.

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Hi i have downloaded the Microsoft office , and and i have mac. Is there anything else I can do to reset the key? I have the same problem a lot of other people have been mentioning; that after I delete the files and start up the setup assistant, nothing happens when I paste the key and click continue.

Any ideas? Help would really be much appreciated. Thanks guys. I have the same problem a lot of other people have been mentioning; that when I delete the files and start up the setup assistant, absolutely nothing happens after I paste the key and click continue. I deleted the two files recommended for fixing the invalid product key for office for the mac, and restarted my iMac.

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When I returned, I discovered that my computer had taken a trip back to April I went back a month and those files are even older December. My desktop looks like it did 3 months ago and all my files from April to July have vanished. I have MacBook On snow leopard there is no microsoft subdirectory under library. Still at square one here.

Free Product Key for Microsoft Office for Mac

This worked perfectly and easily first time — thank you, helped me loads! We run a product sourcing and trading business based from within China. I had the Office and upgraded to the via the web and not from Microsoft. How do I find the files you mentioned above. I am now in a quandary because I can not run any Microsoft products. It might be because I messed up with documents a bit in the past. Any suggestions? Other ways to do it? Thanks a lot. I having the same problem. I did all the above just as it is written. Microsoft office setup Assistance comes up but there is no option to enter the product key, only feedback and get started.

Hi Tech, I read your tricks and deleted the 2 files. Yet, when the assistant came up, it asks me if I want to provide user opinion, then sent me to the registration site of Microsoft , never for It never asks me for any key product! Saved sooo much time. My first attempt led to a conflict with the other user but by following the instructions I was able to change just the key and now have 3 happy users!

Thank You. This was great except I had no idea how to access the Library, but after 15 min.