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Then you can advance to the next area. If you backtrack, the guard will have returned, and you can repeat the process. Here's a way to score infinite experience points. Head to Dantooine and enter the Kinrath Nest. Defeat Kinrath and its hatchlings, but don't advance to find Master Vrook. Instead, press start and switch characters, and then begin to walk back towards the entrance. When you do this, hatchlings will materialize and attack. Kill them, and then repeat the process over and over again for infinite experience. Following the duplicating lightsabers trick, if you do that trick a number of times on the same lightsaber, youu'll see that the base maximum attack power of the weapon increases incrementally with each duplication.

Of course it has to stay on the person to work and it works for all Jedi in your party including you. Simply go to a Workbench, and break them down to get 1 Component s. You don't get a lot of Components, but it is a way to get rid of unwanted Datapads.

Only breakdown Datapads from missions that you have completed, or even better, Datapads from Peragus. Peragus Datapads are just one example. After you have sparred with Handmaiden, she will be wearing only underwear.

Cheats, Codes, and Glitches for Star Wars KOTOR 2: The Sith Lords

When you talk her into putting something on, she uses her mother's robes. Whenever, you leave the Ebon hawk with her, Take the robes off and leave her without clothes. Return to the Ebon Hawk and talk her into wearing the robes again. When you leave the Hawk one more time, remove the robes again. You will see that there are two in your inventory list instead of one.

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You can do this as many times as you want. They can sell for credits each and break down for parts when creating other items. Also for addlightside or adddarkside to work, your Charisma can't be more than As with Star Wars: Giveitem Codes 2. Giveitem Codes 3. Giveitem Codes 4. Giveitem Codes 5. Giveitem Codes 6.

Giveitem Codes 7.

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Find and go to your game folder. Press enter.

Just type in the codes you wish to use and press enter. If they do not work you probably misspelled something. Gives lightside points if you dont put a number it will give you the maximum number of light points possible. Gives darkside points if you dont put a number it will give you the maximum number of dark points possible. The "giveitem'' code must be typed before using these codes.

Follow Directions to Use Codes Effectively

GameSpot [www. Alejandroo12 26 Nov, It solved it for me. I find for adding items that's the better method anyway. Run the game and go into the options and change some things around then close it and it should be in the game's instal folder. Aidyn 10 Aug, 1: Don't know about warp codes or even how they work. Honestly I think that kind of code often causes more problems than it helps. Particularly in older games like this where story progression is heavily linked to encounters you have while just walking around so warping around could potentially skip something important and completely screw up your game.

Just wanted to say thanks, this is really convenient so I don't have to look through some comment section on IGN. I was wondering if you could add in the warp codes too. Thanks again! Aidyn 1 Aug, 5: Actually, having done some programming, I can tell that yes, the name of those items ARE a dev's decision and intentional.

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