Free file transfer between mac and ipad

Add and delete documents From here, you can add documents to your iPad in two ways.

How to Transfer Files Between iPhone/iPad and Mac

Click the Add button, navigate to a document in the Open dialog box that appears, select the document, and then click Open. When you click Sync, the file will copy to your iPad. Alternatively, drag a file onto the File Sharing list when the appropriate app is selected in the Apps list. To delete documents, selecting them in the file list and press Delete. To do this, for example in Pages, open Pages on your iPad and tap the folder icon in the toolbar.

Tap a document to import it. Remove any special characters from your file names before you try to transfer the files. If you're using Keynote, see this Apple support document for tips to avoid iPad import problems with Keynote. Here's a list of all the documents on my iPad that Pages can see. Tap on a document's name to import it.

Open the document and then tap the send icon. Tap Export, and then choose a file format. Tap Replace to do this. The app exports the file, and you can now copy it from iTunes back to your Mac.

Mount and transfer files between Mac and iPad

Scroll down to the File Sharing section and select the appropriate app. Select the file in the list and click Save To. You can also click on a file in the documents list and drag it to a Finder window to copy it. Evenflow recently released an iPad version of their free Dropbox , and if you use this file-sharing tool on your desktop, you may find it the ideal way to get files onto your iPad. To use Dropbox, download the software and set up an account. Use the same e-mail address and password on both your Mac and your iPad to link the two. To access files on your iOS device, simply download an app in the App Store Google Drive, Dropbox or any other cloud service you wish to use.

If you are using your Mac, simply log in the browser version of these cloud services or download an app for it. It stores opened files with multiple apps in different folders. This service allows you to transfer all of your files between your iDevices and create multiple folders in it. To transfer files from Mac to this drive, go to your iCloud Drive folder and simply add your desired files there. If you are looking to add files from your iPhone or iPad, simply open up the iCloud Drive app, tap the file you wish to transfer and click on Share button. Also, you can open the App that supports your desired file s and choose to Share it to your iCloud Drive from there.

Now run your iTunes app on your Mac and you should see that your device is connected. You can transfer a different kind of files via iTunes.

How to Transfer Files Between iPhone/iPad and Mac

While in your Device overview, select the type of file you wish to transfer on your right side of the screen. If you are transferring app-specific file types, choose Apps and select the preferred App. From there simply drag your files from your Mac drive to iTunes window and the file transfer will start. If your plan was to transfer files from your iOS device to Mac, you will see files that can be transferred in App section while in iTunes. Simply choose the App that stored or supports the desired file type and open its documents.

How to Transfer Files From PC to iPhone - iPad - iPod (Without iTunes)!

When you find the file s you wish to transfer, just drag them to your Mac. There is also an option to transfer your file s using third-party apps. They work similar to iTunes, you simply have to drag your files either from your Mac or to your Mac based on what do you wish to do.

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These kinds of apps usually have limited functionality in their free versions but can still be useful for casual users. However, full versions of this software will cost you about 30 USD.

Part 2: How to transfer files from Mac to iPad with iTunes

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Five Ways to Move Files Between Mac OS and iOS without AirDrop

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