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And it is working just fine.. Change it to overflow-y: I am using Windows 8 and Google Chrome version is And its working perfect. See in image highlighted area.

Always Show Scroll Bars in Mac OS X

By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. Scroll not showing scrollbar in Chrome Ask Question. Any solutions? Mr Lister Graham Cairns Graham Cairns 1 2 What other overflow rules do you have?

It appears on your posted link.

Wolff Feb 4 '16 at CSS fix: Thank you! Works great! This is almost a great solution, problem is it adds space for the scrollbar gutter that wouldn't otherwise be there. I wish there was a way to show it without taking up extra space. Sep 14, 8: Oct 24, 7: If you start scrolling having the mouse pointer beside the right edge of the window, then the scroll bar that will appear when you start scrolling will be a static, not disappering one.

How to Make Scrolling on Your Mac Work for You

Nov 24, 1: Sorry, but there is no option in Safari V 6. Unexpectedly it came back but I have no idea why. Jan 12, 1: Mar 9, 9: Slowing learning how Mac systems are. I am mostly use PC using chrome so things like that are built into the browser not the OS. Aug 8, Oct 31, 9: Dec 22, 6: Jan 18, 3: It took me a year before I actually thought "hey maybe there is a setting somewhere to turn the bars to always show".

Having a disappearing scrollbar It works great with a magic mouse but not with a drawing tablet when there is no scroll wheel on the pen. Mar 2, 7: May 3, 6: To X1-Bot: It took me two and a half before I thought about looking it up!

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May 4, 8: Keeping scrollbars hidden in iOS apps makes sense as it allows an app to make the best use of the display size. But, on a Mac, it doesn't make a lot of sense to try and economize on-screen real estate, when in comparison there is so much space available. Seemingly, the primary reason to remove the scrollbar is that it is more aesthetically appealing. Although, it could possibly be because of the excessive amount of room that it occupies; in the limited display environment that iOS devices live in, that may be a good idea.

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But, on the Mac OS, it seems a little silly. By removing scroll bars, Apple removes a key visual benefit, which is the ability to know where you are in a document at all times.

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Scrollbars instantly show you your current position, as well what direction you may wish to move in to view the remaining document or go back to the beginning. Without scrollbars, it's a crapshoot. Are you near the end?

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Near the beginning? Have you read the whole article, or is there more hidden below the window? Or maybe there's more to the right or left of the window. So, in order to find out whether you need to scroll or not, you have to scroll to find out where you are.

How can I get the firefox scrollbar on the right hand side of my screen to stay?