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A new screen will appear. Again click the radio button for the CLPW. Then click the Configure button. A pop-up window will appear to tell you whether the configuration was successful. Step 5. To access it, open a browser window using IE, Firefox, Chrome, etc. Step 6. Unplug the Ethernet cable which is connecting the printer to the router. Posted in printer drivers , printers , wireless networks , wireless printers Tagged printer drivers , printers , Samsung CLPW , wireless , wireless network , wireless networks , wireless printer 50 Comments.

You are an absolute gift from god!!! I have had my printer for nearly a year now and have attempted the seemingly black art witchcraft in order to connect it wirelessly to my home network with no success whatsoever. The guide is as you say completely useless and I am no technophobe!

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After searching around the net, I established that SyncThru will not pick up any networks with a space in the name. Thanks a lot for excellent instruction. Tried for a very long time even with Samsung support but nothing worked. With your instruction it was a five minute task. Does this mean the wireless is broke? It prints fine when connected to pc usb after setting up static ip address. Thank you so much! I have had the wireless problem for 4 months and resorted to just using the USB connection until I came across this article. Now i have the magical blue light and my printer is back where it belongs!

I have been in IT for almost 40 years, from patch panel card sorter days, through mainframes till now. One thing that has always frustrated me and wasted time is non-intuitive documentation. With the trend away from paper printed doc. Thank you for renewing my faith in intelligent, practical, common sense, openly shared information that is direct, to the point, and unambiguous. I have been described as a luddite when it comes to matters of a technical nature.

Your post has been brilliant and now connected. Hi there, This is brilliant — many thanks. Now the bad news — about 3 weeks after doing this, the printer just dropped off the network again. Last time this happened I reinstalled followed these instructions and hey preto. But how do I stop it from ever dropping off again? Hi, I successfully connected my CLP to my wireless network. I moved house and changed my ISP with a new router. I tried connecting to my new wireless network but unable to because my old network SSID network name is still stuck with the printer.

What can I do? Thank you so much. Your instructions were so easy to follow and understand.

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I am running a 64 bit Win 7 Asus K72F notebook. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks once again for restoring my sanity. Excellent post. Worked like a champ, obviously better than their manual. Thanks, need to bookmark this. Many thanks for your straightforward,, step-by-step advice. Worked through it methodically and got 2 no. Hi, I had no problem in the past with wifi connection of this printer to my network. Does work every time though, so great. Thanks so much for these instructions and comments. I was on the phone with Samsung for 35 mins and they could not help me.

Working wireless with my blue light. I will be coming back to your web site for more soon. This one in English is easier than the one in Dutch from Samsung. Within 15 minutes it worked!! Thanks very much. What a great article — Thank You. I spent a couple of hours tonight getting nowhere with setting up my sammy laser on my wireless network for other machines in the house. Then I came accross your article and sorted it in 5 minutes. Shortcut to the Wireless Setting program without the CD: If you have installed the printer driver once, you can access the Wireless Setting program without the CD.

Then, click Next. Then click Next. After searching, the window shows the wireless network devices. If the wireless network is already set up, the Wireless Network Information window appears. Select I want to install software with the current settings.

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If you cannot find the network name you want to choose, or if you want to set the wireless configuration manually, click Advanced Setting. Enter the wireless Network Name: Operation Mode: Select Infrastructure. Select an authentication type. Open System: Authentication is not used, and encryption may or may not be used, depending on the need for data security. Shared Key: Authentication is used. A device that has a proper WEP key can access the network. This uses a shared secret key generally called Pre Shared Key pass phrase , which is manually configured on the access point and each of its clients.

Network Password: Enter the encryption network password value. Confirm Network Password: Confirm the encryption network password value. WEP Key Index: When the network connection window appears, disconnect the network cable. The network cable connection can interfere with searching for wireless devices. Wi-Fi Direct Name: When the wireless network set up is completed, disconnect the USB cable between the computer and machine.

Click Next. Click Next when the Printers Found window appears. Select the components to be installed. After selecting the components, you can also change the machine name, set the machine to be shared on the network, set the machine as the default machine, and change the port name of each machine. If you want to register your machine with the Samusng web site and receive useful information, click On-line Registration. If not, click Finish. If you do not have an access point AP , you may still connect the machine wirelessly to your computer by setting up an ad-hoc wireless network by following the simple steps below.

After searching the wireless networks, a list of wireless networks your machine has searched appears. Click Advanced Setting. Select ad hoc. Select the channel. WEP Wired Equivalent Privacy is a security protocol preventing unauthorized access to your wireless network. WEP encrypts the data portion of each packet exchanged on a wireless network using a bit or bit WEP encryption key. The window showing the wireless network setting appears. Check the settings and click Next. If your computer is set to DHCP and you want to use the Static wireless network setting, you must contact the network administrator to get the static IP address.

For the DHCP method. For the Static method. The Wireless Network Setting Complete window appears. When the wireless network settings are completed, disconnect the USB cable between the computer and machine. Read the license agreement and click Continue. Click Agree to agree to the license agreement.

When the message that warns that all applications will close on your computer appears, click Continue. When you set the wireless configuration manually, click Advanced Setting. This uses a shared secret key generally called Pre Shared Key pass phrase that is manually configured on the access point and each of its clients. Select the encryption. Wireless network set up is completed.

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After the installation is finished, click Quit. After completing the wireless network connection, you need to install a machine driver to print from an application see Installation for Macintosh. If you do not have an access point AP , you may still connect the machine wirelessly to your computer by setting up an ad hoc wireless network by following these simple directions.

The window showing the wireless network settings appears. If your computer is set to DHCP and you want to use Static wireless network setting, you must contact the network administrator to get the static IP address. When the window that tells you that the network cable connection is confirmed appears, disconnect the network cable and click Next.

If the network cable is connected, it may have trouble finding the machine when configuring the wireless network. After installation is finished, click Quit. Machines that do not support the network interface will not be able to use this feature see Rear view. Your machine is a network compatible machine.

To enable your machine to work with your network, you will need to perform some configuration procedures. See your network administrator, or the person that set up your wireless network, for information about your network configuration. You can identify the network settings of your machine by printing a network configuration report. See Printing a network configuration report. This program is used to manually set the network IP address of your machine using its MAC address to communicate with the machine. The MAC address is the hardware serial number of the network interface and can be found in the Network Configuration Report.

See Setting IP address. Before starting you will need to know the network name SSID of your wireless network and the network key if it is encrypted. Check whether or not the network cable is connected to the machine. If not, connect the machine with a standard network cable. Type in the below default ID and password. We recommend you to change the default password for security reasons.

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Wizard will help you setup the wireless network configuration. However, if you want to set the wireless network directly, select Custom. SSID Service Set Identifier is a name that identifies a wireless network, access points, and wireless devices attempting to connect to a specific wireless network must use the same SSID. The SSID is case sensitive. Operation Mode refers to the type of wireless connections see Wireless network name and network password. Allows wireless devices to communicate directly with each other in a peer-to-peer environment.

Allows wireless devices to communicate with each other through an access point. If the wireless security setting window appears, enter the registered password network password and click Next.

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The confirmation window appears, please check your wireless setup. If the setup is right, click Apply. Disconnect the network cable standard or network. Your machine should then start communicating wirelessly with the network. Check whether the network cable is connected to the machine. Wi-Fi Direct is an easy-to-setup peer-to-peer connection method between the Wi-Fi Direct certified printer and a mobile device that provides a secure connection and better throughput than ad hoc mode.

With Wi-Fi Direct, you can connect your printer to a Wi-Fi Direct network while concurrently connecting to an access point, You can also use a wired network and a Wi-Fi Direct network simultaneously so multiple users can access and print documents both from Wi-Fi Direct and from a wired network. Select On to enable. Device Name: By default, the device name is the model name. IP Address: Enter the IP address of the printer. This IP address is used only for the local network and not for the infrastructure wired or wireless network. Group Owner: The Group Owner acts similar to a wireless access point.

We recommend activating this option. If your printer is a Group Owner , a Network Password is required for other mobile devices to connect to your printer. You can configure a network password yourself, or can remember the given Network Password that is randomly generated by default.

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Enable or disable Wi-Fi Direct and set other options. Print an IP network configuration report to check the output see Printing a network configuration report. After setting up Wi-Fi Direct from the printer, refer to the user manual of the mobile device you are using to set its Wi-Fi Direct.

After setting up Wi-Fi Direct, you need to download the mobile printing application For example: Samsung Mobile printer to print from your smartphone. When you have found the printer you want to connect to from your mobile device, select the printer and the printer's LED will blink. Press the WPS button on the printer and it will be connected to your mobile device.

Samsung Wireless CLP-315W Printer - Software Installation and Setup

USB cable is not connected between your computer and machine. Connect the machine to your computer using the USB cable. The machine does not support wireless networking. Check the machine's user's guide included on the software CD supplied with your machine and prepare a wireless network machine. The machine is unable to find the network name SSID you have selected or entered. Check the network name SSID on your access point and try connecting again. Security is not configured correctly.

Check the configured security on your access point and machine. Your computer is not receiving a signal from your machine. Your machine is connected with a wired network cable. Remove the wired network cable from your machine. How to compare: Print the network information report of your printer, and then check the IP address see Printing a network configuration report.

If you want to use the software installation CD to change the port IP, connect to a network printer. Then reconnect the IP address. Check the wireless reception around the machine. If the router is far from the machine or there is an obstacle, you might have difficulty receiving the signal. Cycle the power for the access point or wireless router , machine, and computer. Sometimes cycling the power can recover network communication.

If the computer and the machine are connected on the same network and it cannot be found when searching, firewall software might be blocking the communication. Refer to the user's guide for the software to turn it off and try searching for the machine again. Check whether the machine's IP address is allocated correctly. You can check the IP address by printing the network configuration report.

Check whether the access point or wireless router has a configured security password. If it has a password, refer to the access point or wireless router administrator. Check the machine's IP address. Reinstall the machine driver and change the settings to connect to the machine on the network. Due to the characteristics of DHCP, the allocated IP address could change if the machine is not used for a long time or if the access point has been reset.

You can identify the Mac address of your machine by printing a network configuration report see Printing a network configuration report. Check the wireless environment. You might not be able to connect to the network in the infrastructure environment where you need to type in a user's information before connecting to the access point or wireless router. This machine only supports IEEE Other wireless communication types e. When using the ad hoc mode, in operating systems such as Windows Vista, you might need to set the wireless connection setting every time you use the wireless machine.

You cannot use infrastructure mode and ad hoc mode at the same time for Samsung wireless network machines. Make sure the machine and wireless access point or wireless router are not separated by poles, walls, or support columns containing metal or concrete. The machine is located away from other electronic devices that may interfere with the wireless signal. Many devices can interfere with the wireless signal, including a microwave oven and some Bluetooth devices.

Whenever the configuration of your access point or wireless router changes, you must do the product's wireless network setup again.