How to unmount a disc image mac

After the burning was done, I unplugged the SD card adaptor when it prompted me that the device was not ejected properly.

# killall -9 X

I was worried that I was doing it wrong. I tried to eject the device but couldn't find any icon in finder after the unmount. How should eject a unmounted device correctly?

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How to eject a unmounted disk? Proggie Proggie. Notebooks Speciality level out of ten: I have now like 8 images I can't eject. I was updating some apps, so I would mount the image, copy the new version of the app to Applications, and then tried to unmount and it doesn't work.

Mount & Unmount Drives from the Command Line in Mac OS X

Jason Rhodes Jason Rhodes. I will be interested to see if more people are experiencing this Desktops Speciality level out of ten: I love Leopard, but it's very buggy.

Mac Tutorial: Installing software from DMG disk images

Can't wait for This is a pretty glaring bug. Come on Apple!

What does it mean to mount or unmount a disk image?

I can confirm this; after a clean install of Leopard, while restoring all my files from an NFS mount, I was unable to eject mounted disc images from Finder I was able to eject them from Disc Utility, however. After the restore finished, I was able to unmount the disc images from Finder again. Oliviero Reali Oliviero Reali. But in my case leopard doesn't tell me that it's in use, simply I can't unmount disk images or external disks airdisk too.

If I restart the finder I can unmount them. Attempting to eject a disk image is completely unresponsive. No "in use" error, no nothing. The DMG just sits there like I didn't even eject it. I must agree this is a pretty trivial issue to slip by apples QA process In this case I am mounting a.

DMG file, a format that is used by Mac developers to distribute their applications. However the same instructions will apply to other image files.

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You will notice that when the image file is mounted it will appear as a drive on your computer. Double-click to open the drive with Finder to view the contents. In the case of a.

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