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Alles Scheisse, BOM funzt nicht mehr seit Mein BOM geht auch nicht mehr seit Bei mir existiert das selbe problem, er bietet zwar doch dann kommt im Status die Meldung: Biet o Magic. Das Programm funktioniert seit kurzem nicht mehr. Bekomme beim Bieten immer die Meldung Fehler. Nehme an das Ebay das Pro gramm blockiert?

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Kein Bedingtes Bieten und keine Gruppierungen, sonst klasse!. Wenn Artikel A nicht ersteigert wird, dann biete auf Artikel B soundsoviel, wenn ja, dann biete nicht weiter. Also erstmal alle Artikel des Films XY wahlweise nach einem bestimmten Kriterium sortiert anzeigen z. Bedingungen festlegen. Ansonsten wie gesagt, super tool und das for free ist klasse! Heruntergesteigert Artikel zu Reserve Price und Gebotsabschirmung. Leicht ergaunertes Geld im Internet.

Rechtsschutz gegen negative eBay-Bewertungen? Anton von Rueden, eBay: Unterhaltsame eBay-Kritik. Die rechtskonforme Gestaltung eines Online-Shops im Internet. Heise News-Ticker: Sofort-Kauf-Angebote in Online-Auktionen sind bindend. Hamburger Morgenpost: Infos und Hilfe zum eBay-Weihnachtsgewinnspiel. General-Anzeiger Bonn: Tanzcorps bietet sich bei eBay an.

Neue Masche des eBay-Phishing. Passwortklau mit Bieten-Button. Teledienstgesetz missachtet. Preistreiber bei eBay ertappt. Kritik an Datenschutzbestimmungen von eBay. Kartenkauf im Internet: Heise Newsticker: Deutsche Post wird zum eBay-Verkaufsagent.

Passalong - Musik bei eBay. Hamburger Morgenpost Mitteldeutsche Zeitung: Erst geklaut, dann bei eBay versteigert. PC Professionell: Telepolis Kostenexplosion online. Wachsen, wachsen, wachsen Schweizer Artikel zu eBay. Studie zu Marktpreisen auf eBay. Allgemeine Zeitung: International Herald Tribune: AG Erlangen: Artikel zu einer fehlenden eBay-Option. Tram versehentlich ersteigert. Neue Regeln bei eBay? Was nun, Herr Werner? Interview mit Dr. Ralph Werner, dem neuen Chef von eBay-Tochter mobile. Axel Gronen: LVZ Online: Gerichtlicher Rechtsschutz gegen negative eBay-Bewertungen?

Verkaufen Sie Wasserbetten! Frankenpost online: Powersellern sitzt der Fiskus im Nacken. Rezension zum Buch "eBay Dirty Tricks". Bieten, bis der Arzt kommt. Juristisches rund um eBay. Tatort eBay: Gestohlene Kosmetika bei eBay. Abmahn-Wahn bei eBay: Neues vom Universal-Anwalt. Angebotsbeschreibung bei Internetversteigerung. Berliner Zeitung: Nackte Tatsachen auf eBay Artikel zu "Reflectoporn". Flexibler Datenschutz bei eBay. LG Hof: ZDF heute computer: Powerseller verkauft Plagiate. Super Illu: Quod licet eBay Handykauf bei eBay Artikel speziell zum Handykauf.

Negative Bewertungen leicht verschwinden lassen. Nach dem Reichtum kam die Reue Einmal Luftschloss - immer Luftschloss? Die ZEIT: Auf Patrouille im Netz. Wie gierig ich bin! Hamburger Abendblatt: Video zu eBay. HTML-Hilfeforum von mich-seiten. Dieses Forum dient dem Erfahrungsaustausch zu diesem Thema und man bekommt dort Hilfe von kompetenten eBayern. Sammlung von interessanten und wichtigen Links rund um eBay. Freies Wort: Das System eBay. Silosargs kuriose Auktionen. Billig-Sprit, richtig teuer.

ARD-Ratgeber Recht: Magic Mails has a lot of goodies to offer for the holiday season: Invitations, ski trips, wish lists, New Year's parties, and much more. Just scroll through the collection on the user interface, and choose your favorite card. Now you have the chance to add your own photos, write your own greetings, and give your card that personal pizazz which e-cards can't provide. Many of the the cards have photo place holders, picture frames, or mask effects.

Magic Mails can takes shots with the iPad camera or snag them from your personal library. With a two finger gesture, you can scale and turn your pictures to make them fit perfectly, then pep them up with photo filters. Every photograph you use can be edited with Live-Effects. Greeting cards which come from YOU Magic Mails uses your own email account so that every greeting card you send comes directly from your very own email account.

With more than 75 greeting cards with Christmas, holiday, and New Year's themes, and other themed greeting cards, you are sure to find something to fit every occasion. Each additional greeting card is available for just USD 0.

Biet-O-Matic - Download

Those whom have already purchased a Stationary Pack or a thematic collection, can use these on their iPad as well as their Mac. We enhanced tizi, the leading mobile TV solution for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch with a host of new features today: The new tizi. To easily rewind to a specific scene tizi presents preview thumbnails. You're able to adjust the sequence's scale from 5 minutes down to 1 second.

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Plus it saves the original broadcasting time so you'll be able to comfortably jump to the right position. Electronic program guide with reminder from push notifications Don't miss any interesting TV shows. Let tizi remind you of your favorite shows - simply browse through the built-in electronic program guide EPG on your iPad and put your highlights on your personal TV show watch list.

It's never been more comfortable watching telly while browsing through the TV shows of the upcoming days. But if no Wi-Fi is available, tizi automatically starts creating its own hotspot to provide TV reception, without touching your data plan. To add the new mode; tizi. If more than just one tizi is available in a network tizi. Users can also manually switch tizi from Home to Hotspot mode. More comfort with Onscreen Controls tizi's newly developed Onscreen Overlay Controller provides users with more comfort and quick access to every control: Users simply have to tap on the TV picture to bring the controls to the front - in portrait and landscape mode on iPad and iPhone.

While swiping to a new channel tizi continues playing the current TV show. When switching back to a channel that the user's already been viewing, tizi presents the last watched scene as a picture. Next to the broadcaster's logo tizi now also displays the progress of the show when swiping to switch. Optimized for an even better tizi experience tizi brilliantly benefits from the Dual Core processor used in iPad 2 and iPhone 4S.

Every feature of tizi. If performance is weak you'll be able to deactivate specific features. We are a product driven company, we love innovation. Whether it's with your Wi-Fi at home or with the wireless integrated hotspot. Live TV is now brought directly to your iOS device without touching your monthly data plan. Browse through tizi's built-in electronic program guide EPG , put your TV highlights on your personal watch list and let tizi remind you when the TV show begins.

Enjoy a full featured overview of the complete TV program in portrait and landscape mode with tizi's compelling and sleek user interface. Plus it records TV programs in the highest available quality directly on your iPad and iPhone and enjoy it later. The fourth collection of Season's Greetings offers 25 impressive greetings for any holiday message. A new addition has been included too.

An integrated timeline shows you all the important upcoming holidays and the corresponding greetings for important events and festive greetings. For those greeting needing a more personal touch, photos can be easily added - this is an absolute must for "Year in Review" messages! For those with looking to be a bit more creative, Mail Designer can be used to create individualized email greetings.

Season's Greetings Vol. The fourth collection expands upon the first three collections by adding 25 new and unique stationery greetings and a new timeline feature to help find the perfect greeting for any holiday this season. Price and availability Season's Greetings Vol. VAT in the equinux Online Store. For those interested in also purchasing the Greetings Vol. It is now even easier for you to create and send beautiful newsletters to your mailing lists with Mail Designer.

We released Mail Designer 1. Designs can now be exported as an HTML document. You can also choose to export your design with a custom image URL, which makes it easy for you to send newsletters with mail services while externally hosting the images. A Mail Design for Everyone The free 1. Layout blocks can now be duplicated via a menu bar command and have all been adjusted in width so they can be combined more easily. Background image compatibility has also been improved, so backgrounds look better in Outlook, Gmail and Thunderbird.

Mail Designer 1. Third-party developers can now start developing their own plug-ins to integrate their apps and services with Mail Designer. Interested developers should visit www. VAT or as a boxed version from Apple retailers. Now you can send; Happy Birthday, Wish you were here, Thank's for the gift, and much more, directly from your iPad! Magic Mails turns your magic moments into amazingly attractive mails. You can even spice them up with you very own photos! More than greeting cards available - one for almost every occasion Magic Mails offers you fitting card designs for almost every occasion: Three greeting cards are included with the app.

Personal Note. With your photos. Give your greeting cards a personal touch. Use your very own photos or even snap some more with your iPad 2. Add effects. Make an impression. Zoom in and turn your pictures within the placeholders and add One Click Filter effects. The Sender. Magic Mails. Create a Mail-Account to send your greetings. Magic Mails saves your data and sends the card.

Send magical mails right from your iPad It's time for magical mails from your iPad. There are already 3 greeting cards included in the price. All other card themes can be additionally acquired for just 99 Cents as an In-App-Purchase, and can be used as often as you like. Our most beloved Stationary collection is available immediately at a great low price. Newsletters made easy - create fabulous newsletters with Mail Designer and send them easily with MailChimp. We've developed our creative Mac app, Mail Designer 1. This makes Mail Designer 1. They can now create appealing and attractive newsletters in Mail Designer and use them in large campaigns.

Mail Designer and MailChimp - a great team for professional newsletters Businesses, agencies, and clubs can put together fantastic newsletters or info-mails with ease using the many layout possibilities offered by Mail Designer. Add placeholders for titles, addresses, and businesses. The details are automatically filled in upon sending. Once the layout is finished, pass it on to MailChimp, the popular email technology platform for sending email campaigns of any size, and let them take care of all your sending needs.

Many of our Mail Designer customers have requested a solution for sending mass mailings, and now it is possible.

Your Requirement

With Mail Designer, you can easily and intuitively create stunning mail designs, charming invitations, insightful newsletters and irresistible offers and advertisements. Create the exact designs you want to fill your professional needs. Graphic designers, agents, businesses, and business departments can chose one of the many included templates which suit the target groups, customers and employees or even create their own designs from the ground up. Editable text elements combined with dynamic text and image drop zones, offer limitless creative freedom.

A slew of intuitive tools and features have been designed to make your mailings stand out from the crowd. Each layout you make is saved as a template and can be sent and used again and again as often as you like. Registered users can download Mail Designer 1. Mail Designer is available starting at VAT in the equinux online store and as a boxed version at your nearest Apple Store. Mac users enjoy more convenience when submitting online auctions to eBay with iSale. This feature allows users to automatically get every available detail about the products they want. Registered iSale 5 customers get the updated version free of charge.

Complete product details with just one click The newly integrated eBay product catalog provides iSale users with a huge database of existing product details and descriptions. You just have to search for a specific product name or ISBN number, choose the product you're about to sell and iSale displays all available details and information.

If your product is not yet available in eBay's product catalog, iSale provides an integrated research assistant to help you search the web for all the relevant information you need. Boosted performance, better integration of eBay features iSale 5. Even secondary eBay features like auction duration or eBay Motor return policies have also been improved to make eBay on the Mac even more fun.

All the latest features and improvements are also available in the light version, iSale express 1. Pricing and availability iSale 5. Both updated versions will soon be available on the Mac App Store. Full versions of iSale 5. Employers are increasingly following the trend towards mobility by enabling their workforce to telecommute, working on the go and in home offices. Working remotely does offer a great deal of flexibility; however, this flexibility also requires more security. The risks associated with accessing remote networks are far too often overlooked.

Port forwarding: The gateway for attackers Users need access to company data from home offices and when traveling. To permit access, administrators often simply open and forward ports on the firewall, leaving the door wide open for unauthorized users. Often, the services exposed through port forwarding are not secure. And even if authentication and data transfer are encrypted, attackers can still exploit bugs and improper configurations.

Security updates must immediately be installed for all exposed services and the operating systems they run on. Unpublished security vulnerabilities and delayed security update releases further increase the risk. And on top of that, there's the configuration effort: For every new service that needs to be available outside of the firewall, a new port forward has to be set up. And if two or more services use the same port, they need to be mapped to different, non-standard ports, leading to configuration problems for users The secure alternative: No internal services are exposed to the outside, preventing most security risks in the first place.

Once connected to the VPN, resources on the internal networks are fully accessible, almost as if the computer were physically connected. More specific information can be found in your router's data sheet or manual. If you do not yet own a router that is capable of providing VPN services, check out the list of popular devices on our interoperability website [LINK]. Absolute protection for your data: To make setup even easier, we have written detailed configuration guides for many popular devices http: The latest algorithms and simplified certificate management protect important company information.

Munich, Germany - 17th May Local TV stations can be found up to four times as fast as before through geo-matching. Additionally, you can store multiple TV channel lists eliminating the need for re-tuning. In car mode tizi automatically turns on as soon as the USB cable is plugged into a power source. Finding stations more quickly means more mobility Smart Location: With the help of your GPS-position, tizi first searches based on know stations in your local area.

On average, tizi is able to find regional TV programs four-times more quickly. To offer even more mobility, you can store multiple channel lists directly on your tizi that can be accessed by various devices: Numerous improvements tizi. A new sleep function will automatically turn tizi off at the end of the current TV show or after a specified amount of time. Additionally you will find that the tizi. Volume is now available as an on-screen control, Superzoom in portrait mode will automatically change, and stronger password protection has been added via support for WPA-2 encryption.

Price and availability The tizi. The installation will start simply over the tizi. There you will find a list of tizi resellers located near you. About equinux equinux designs and develops leading Mac-, iPad- and iPhone solutions for professional and private environments. All product and company names mentioned herein are the trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.

All rights reserved equinux - Technology for my life. Please don't hesitate to contact me, if you have any questions: Does your music library need a face lift? Get the SongGenie treatment with titles, artists and lyrics. SongGenie identifies unknown songs, completes missing information and helps you clean up your song info. You can even search the web for lyrics and apply them to your music. CoverScout fills the gray gaps that iTunes leaves behind! It detects missing album covers in your music library and searches the web for fitting cover art, all in an intuitive and sleek user interface. With the integrated cover editor, cover art can be quickly and easily modified.

Create successful eBay auctions hassel-free.

Dive straight in with a simple choice of 5 designs and layouts. Edit your text, add a photo or two and watch the bids roll in. The latest version of our provisioning solution means the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch can now be integrated into your business networks even easier and more securely than before. IT managers can set up and manage devices iOS4 based remotely over-the-air - soon to be featuring Mobile Device Management.

Our specialized solution for the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch is optimized to use the technical capabilities of Apple mobile devices. Mobile Device Management allows various device information to be retrieved over the air, such as current operator, iOS version, installed apps, or the current security settings. Companies who change their security policies need only push the new settings over the air to all associated devices, without requiring user input.

Should a mobile device be lost, your IT manager can lock the device remotely, reset the password and clear all data. User profiles can be configured to lock out apps such as iTunes or YouTube, as well as certain websites.

Interview Spotlight

Now there's yet another advantage to using a specialized iOS solution: TARMAC utilizes the technical capabilities of the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch without the technical compromises associated with supporting devices from other manufacturers. MDM functionality will be made available by the end of via a free update and will require iOS4. A demo is available here: Suitable yet stylish. Your business can now send great looking emails however your wish with the new Stationery Pack Business Edition.

For each of our 12 designs we offer 17 different layouts for the most common business use cases. Whether special offer, invoice or contacting customers, you can choose the design and layout combination that suits your purpose. Choose from classic wood, leather or stone effect backgrounds, as well as clean, fresh and minimalist designs. Each design contains the same layout options as the others, meaning you can switch between designs with ease.

Each layout offers flexibility including photo placeholders, company logo, digital signature, contact info and legal disclaimer. Send emails to clients and business partners, colleagues and customers, styled however you like. No matter what dimensions your photos and logo are in, Stationery Pack Business Edition has you covered. The built-in Image Perfect Tool converts your images to fit any drop zone in our email templates. We've also added pre-formatted headline and footer areas, as well as a predefined legal disclaimer for you to use. Discounted volume licenses are also available. Stationery Pack Business Edition will soon be available as boxed version at selected Apple Retailers.

Your users need only request their personalized user profile via the TARMAC interface and go through a simple step-by-step installation. Distributing user profiles requires no additional apps. From today Mac users can create quick and simple eBay auctions in style. Above all, Mac users who only occasionally sell on eBay can use the low-priced software to get their auctions up and running without distraction. In under 3 minutes users can draw up an auction and submit it to eBay. As opposed to the regular iSale, iSale express offers first and foremost the features which make eBay sellers' lives easier.

With this low price iSale express soon pays for itself for casual eBay sellers, without losing the comfort of a sophisticated software solution. VPN Tracker 6 offers the new Secure Desktop, gathering your standard applications in a central location: The Secure Desktop automatically builds the necessary VPN connections, disconnecting safely once finished. VPN Tracker has become the standard issue for Mac users looking for secure communication with remote networks. Registered VPN Tracker 6 users can upgrade to version 6. Those who wish to test VPN Tracker 6 can automatically import existing VPN connections without risk of effecting their existing installation.

Biet-O-Matic/Mybidder App - Programme zu Bieten auf Ebay (German) (HD)

As one of the early modem manufacturers, ZyXEL has undergone many transformations in the fast-paced networking industry. The company has employees and distributors in 70 countries, reaching more than regional markets. For more information, visit the company's Website, http: What does that mean exactly? Up until now, there was no dedicated solution for deploying user profiles for the just the iPhone and iPad in a simple, over-the-air way. TARMAC connects with existing directory services on a company's network and automatically creates personalized configuration profiles for iPhone and iPad users.

With the TARMAC web interface, users with no technical knowledge can set up their work email, contacts and calendars as well as receiving personalized security settings based on their role in the company. Once made available, you can check out the admin interface and download real user profiles to your iPhone. Companies can now integrate the iPhone and iPad into their IT infrastructure with equinux's safe and cost effective solution.

TARMAC Server operates within a company's network and using an existing directory service to automatically create personalized user profiles. To install a profile on their iPhone or iPad themselves, users simply log in to the TARMAC web interface via the company's intranet or over a secure internet connection and follow a few simple steps.

After the sizzling success of Barbecue for the iPhone, Barbecue HD now offers the juiciest steaks, hot dogs and kebabs in incredible high resolution detail on the iPad. With more space on the grill you can drag even more photo-realistic food onto the glowing iPad embers. Pick up and zoom into the items with your fingers using the iPad's multi-touch display.

Rotate food around the grill and flip to avoid burning. Grill up a treat with even more serving suggestions, featuring new tablecloths, plates, cutlery and side dishes. Share the ultimate grilling experience with your friends on Facebook, Twitter or by email. Mac users can now benefit from the safety and comfort of VPN Tracker 6 in partnership with WatchGuard security appliances. The related configuration instructions for the devices are already available at vpntracker.

VPN Tracker 6 brings the workflow of the mobile user to the foreground. The starting point is the "Secure Desktop". Here users' documents, website addresses, applications and scripts can all be easily organized giving VPN users the direct access they need most. Every item in the Secure Desktop can be completely configured and linked to any one of the users' VPN connections. Administrators and consultants can easily create multiple Secure Desktops which can also be pre-configured and exported to specific users. Hot on the heels of the new SongGenie 2, album artwork finder CoverScout 3.

CoverScout users can jump straight to the track in SongGenie 2 and get the correct music information, making applying album artwork simpler than ever before. The two apps featuring our own 'Dark Flow' user interface, make tidying up your music collection a fun and painless process. Sending birthday cards has never been so much fun. Choose from 32 new Happy Birthday designs for Mail and send to friends, family and colleagues. With our new Birthday Cards stationery collection you can have fun with friends.

Drag their photo into our humorous templates and create your own gag as you wish them a Happy Birthday. Copy your friends into the email too, so they don't miss out on the fun. Cheer up relatives and colleagues with a range of traditional birthday themed designs: The new SongGenie takes your music collection up a level. You can automatically search for lyrics on freely accessible web archives and saves them directly in the music file. Or you can browse through a fully configurable web search to look up lyrics without having to type anything. SongGenie detects passages of text on various websites and can apply the found text with a single mouse click.

Enjoy a perfect music library with lyrics on your Mac, iPhone or iPod. Add tags, genres and more info to your music files. SongGenie is an iTunes saver for your Mac. Creating an acoustic fingerprint for all your tracks, SongGenie automatically completes your music collection. You can select any music folders on your hard drive, and even those on external storage. SongGenie's eagle-eye can also detect typos and spelling mistakes. You can make your Genius playlists a little bit smarter with a fully complete music library.

Get even more from your songs using SongGenie's slick integration with album cover art finder CoverScout from equinux. Want to use your Mac to make secure connections to remote business networks over the Internet? We've just released VPN Tracker 6. In addition we have improved compatibility and connection speeds for many Cisco devices.

Version 6 of VPN Tracker has impressed with the new Secure Desktop, allowing quick access to your most used applications: The Secure Desktop automatically connects to the correct VPN and all connections can be closed with one button. Business Packs can contain up to 3 Professional Editions for configuration and network administration, as well as up to 25 Player Editions. If you're already a registered VPN Tracker 6 user, you can update to version 6.

Upgrade prices are based on the previous version and can be accessed using the License Manager on the equinux website. Do you already earn more on eBay with iSale? Now you can add your Facebook friends to your target pool by posting your auction to your wall and everyone will be informed. We have worked to make iSale 5. That's not all the new iSale 5. We have been busy playing a bit with google's services. View all your buyers with our updated google map integration. We have also added support for Picasa Webalbum's two-gigabyte free picture service. Beyond that we did some major changes under the hood to not only make iSale noticeably quicker but more reliable too.

If you are a registered iSale 5 user, you can update to iSale 5. Those with previous versions can upgrade to version 5 at a discounted price. The software is available in English, German and French. Box has an updated connection wizard for simple setup. Our unrivaled support for so many devices in version 6. The innovative Secure Desktop means you can connect to your office wherever you are and work as if sat in front of desk.

Create stunning greeting cards with Stationery Pack Do you want to make sure your friends "ooh" and "ah" when they receive your emails? These unique greetings and countless variations included with "Master Your Mail" will help you to create the most personal emails you've ever sent. You can even bring your messages to life with your special photos!

Everything you need for your Mac If you want to maximize your Mac experience, then this the bundle for you! Why stop at just making your emails more memorable, when you can also give your music collection a complete makeover? You will add a new dimension to your music library by finding album artwork with CoverScout, completing track information with SongGenie and making your music more accessible by bringing it together with your movies and more in MediaCentral. Plus while you're at it, why not also maximize your profits on eBay? Just pick and customize a snazzy auction template from iSale and you'll soon be attracting plenty of bids and compliments!

Hurry up, if you want to get the best value for your money. Summer Spirit Cards let you create picture postcards of your vacation, invitations for your friends and family to next weekend's BBQ and announcements letting all your friends know that you're back on campus. Summer Spirit Cards are the perfect accessory for every Mac user with an eye for design and for jaw-dropping emails. Top-notch backgrounds, elaborate mask effects and perfectly positioned picture drop zones make each greeting card not only eye catching but something special.

Summer Spirit Cards ship with the Stationery Pack Browser making it easy to quickly find the perfect greeting card. You can sort all available templates by category and keywords or, if you're looking for something specific, you can also type in your own search terms. For a big picture, you can view the templates with the Quick Look window. There's also a reduced price family pack available at the equinux Online Store for use on up to 5 Macs for only USD Which digital TV channels can I get?

This interactive tool based on Google Maps gives you a good idea as to which digital free-to-air e. Viewing channel listings for your area couldn't be simpler with TubeStick Map. All you need to do is select your country, enter a ZIP code and the TubeStick map will list the channels avalible in that area. TubeStick Map is available via www. TubeStick is the innovative solution for Mac users who would like to do more than simply convert their Mac into a video recorder. Stream live TV directly from your Mac to your iPhone and remotely schedule recordings, ready to watch them later on your Mac or even on the go.

VPN Tracker 5. The how-to guide for setting up VPN Tracker with these devices is available at vpntracker. The iSale Lab shows all active iSale auctions on eBay and will break down the auctions into the ten most popular categories, market places and iSale templates. The iSale community is still one of the fastest growing: In almost , Mac users purchased iSale.

The iSale Lab was officially certified by eBay and is available for free at equinux. Surprise your friends and family with a beautiful Easter-Mail: Just take a picture with your iPhone or choose a photo from your library and drag it to a Dropzone, type your personal message in the dynamic textboxes and send off the e-mail. And the best thing: Three of the Easter templates are free-of-charge in the Stationery Pack Browser. Easter Cards utilizes the power of your iPhone and combines it with the latest in e-mail technology: Your personal Easter greetings will definitly be on time.

If your new iPod shuffle's announcements consist of only "track 01" and "unknown album", SongGenie can quickly help you determine the missing track information by using acoustic fingerprints. Your iPhone and iPod with display will benefit from CoverScout's album cover search by displaying the correct cover in the Cover Flow view.

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For each track SongGenie 1. You can now apply all the details of already identified tracks at once - automatically if desired. If the artwork for a track is missing, SongGenie starts searching in CoverScout with one mouseclick. Improve your search results in CoverScout with complete track information by using SongGenie. This way brushing up your music collection will be a walk in the park.

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Typos that have prevented finding the right covers are now history. It combines an analog and a digital receiver in one stick. MediaCentral turns your Mac into the ultimate home theatre system and integrates a range of media formats into one application. Now you can turn your living room into the ultimate fully-featured Media Centre with TV in the highest quality.

See the complete list of all compatible TV devices for MediaCentral. Channel-hop with a fingertip and start your TV recordings in high quality picture. Having recorded the TV show at home on your Mac, you can watch the TV recordings via the internet - without syncing your Mac with your iPhone or iPod touch. TubeToGo saves TV recordings online giving you full freedom without compromising the disk space on your iPhone.

And the best is yet to come: With The Tube 2. The Tube 2. Thus, Mac users no longer need to do without the fully developed iPhone integration and unique community features of The Tube: Both "are excellently integrated within the TV reception on a Mac", says the review. In addition, The Tube 2. By improving channel detection and the TV engine itself, The Tube 2. To benefit from these changes, equinux suggests to all users to restart the channel detection after the update.

Mac users can now transform their iPhone into a TV with a mobile video library. They can even program recordings in The Tube on the go. Both new iPhone Apps underline the philosophy of equinux to bring easy-to-use interfaces together with elaborate functionality," says equinux's CEO Till Schadde. It has literally transformed the TV experience for the rest of us. As soon as an iPhone is registered with The Tube, all currently available TV channels will be available with a click. It's also just that easy to change channels in "Live TV" and even start a recording.

Additionally, they can program recordings in their personal electronic program guide EPG and manage the complete recordings archive on the go. TubeToGo also offers the possibility to share published recordings with friends. TubeToGo uses MobileMe or any other ftp server for online storage. Would you like to invite your special someone to a romantic dinner? Send your nearest and dearest a coupon? Or send a friend a Valentine's Day reminder? The interactive element of several e-mail templates allows you to change the background and motif with a mouse click. Even the long-stemmed rose grows with the text, if your professions of love become a bit more lengthy.