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Don't Bite Me Bro! Explore, Build, Upgrade, and Defend from constant waves of Zombies. Attack on Toys. Play as a Plastic Soldiers! No Tan! Control Room. Now multiplayer. Morse COD. Use morse code to stop the aquatic menace!

Tower Defense games on Kongregate

Pixel Town. City builder meets tower defence - originally built for Ludum Dare 38 Small World. Ancient Warfare TD. Coordinate your defense in this tower defense game in the Ancient Warfare universe. Bad Mood. Infinite Defence: Extraction - Ludum Dare Greedy Miners. Play as a shapeshifting cave and keep the greedy miners away. The only goal is to protect the crystal. Stronghold2D is the best mass multiplayer 2D war game. Build a Stronghold and Protect it! The game's inventive traps, diverse third-person combat, and cooperative gameplay maximize our orc-killitude, while the frequent last stands that mark the end of a successful round often trick us into believing that someday these twisted, ugly creatures may actually pose a threat.

Tower Defense Games

With the staggeringly large number of tower defense flash games out there, it's not surprising that one managed to rise above the rest. Kingdom Rush doesn't dramatically remake the genre--you still place buildings to kill the enemies running by--but it does execute the standard formula with plenty of finesse. In fact, it does so in a way that's so deceptively simple that just about anyone can pick it up and find themselves on the path to the more advanced tactics later levels require.

There are only four initial types of towers, yet with upgrades the abilities of each splinter until they become entirely unique. Barracks buildings will always create units to slow down and damage oncoming enemies, but their exact placement can make or break a defense. It may be casual at first, but even the early rounds will have the strategic part of your brain running at full speed. You saw this one coming, didn't you? PopCap's relentlessly quirky defense game is nothing short of addictive, and is as fun as they come. We can still remember the first time we giggled at Crazy Dave's garbled gibberish, cried with our wounded Wall-nut as he fell to the hoard, and laughed at the literally mindless notes passed on from our would-be brain munchers.

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But what good would all that charisma be without an airtight game to back it up? Plants vs.

50 Best Tower-defense games for Mac OS

Zombies does away with the mazelike paths of other tower defense games for just a few short rows, minimizing the play field without losing any of its depth. The perfect balance between economy, fire support, and barriers is always in flux, with different scenarios calling for a unique combination of the various militaristic plants. And that's to say nothing of the minigames, puzzles, survival mode, zen garden, and other bits and pieces that make PvZ, without a doubt, an extremely solid package. What's a weird, turtle-like parent to do when dangerous monsters are threatening to eat his beloved children: If you answered the latter, then PixelJunk Monsters is the game for you.

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If you were fine with the first--well, we sincerely hope that you aren't looking into parenthood any time soon. This charming tower defense may seem innocent at first, but underneath the quaint hood is one the most frantic games of any genre. By giving the building and cash collection responsibilities to the strange playable turtle-man as opposed to a simple high-speed cursor, PixelJunk Monsters becomes a desperate race to jump from responsibility to responsibility.

Improvisation is key as the rounds continue, and soon enough you'll be making the tough decisions that no parent should ever have to face. Every once in a while a game will come around that tries to pull a fast one on us. It plops out some pretty graphics and fancy destruction physics and hopes that we don't notice what's underneath--stale ideas, broken mechanics, and the most boring gameplay you can imagine. With our publishing program, we can help get your games to millions of users on multiple platforms!

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