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I was matched to this powder years and years ago but I still think it's a pretty good match! Yeah, I'm not sure why that makes a difference?? But for a long time ago I just thought I was NC25 because I have this powder and it was the only foundation I had ever used. Then I started getting into makeup and I realized that while the powder still looks fine on me, everything else I tried to match based on the knowledge that I'm NC25 was a bit too dark.

MAC is just messing with me. Colourpop No Filter Foundation its described as golden warm undertones on the website, I can sometimes pull off these undertones but its an okay match. I am light to light medium yellow. Foundation matches: Maybe MAC prolongwear concealer in nc20? I have light skin with very yellow undertones, maybe around a NC I have a lot of facial redness so I usually try to match my neck, which is pale and very yellow.

So, most foundations end up being too pink or too peachy for me. However, I have found a couple that are a pretty good match. NARS soft matte in chantilly was too light and too pink, vanilla was just too pink. I was hoping cafe con leche would be a good match but it was too dark.

I thought Estee Lauder Tawny was a little bit too light. I'm debating between Maybelline Fit Me 20 and Someone above is NC30 and uses Fit Me 20 for undereye brightening. Hey foundation twin! I guess Maybelline Fit Me 25 would be better. I once bought n tried the Fit Me 20, it was too light that it turned greyish under my eye. Lots of things tend to turn my face pink, red, or orange. Nudestix Blur Stick in Light 2 is exactly the same color as my skin, so much so that I can't tell if it's on or not.

Milk Makeup Flex Concealer in Light is about the same shade as my skin. I tend not to go for lighter or darker. I would describe myself as fair to light face lighter than body , warm yellow undertones. Olive peeks out if I let myself tan a bit. The matte one is pretty flat and I can assume drying on most skin types, but works for my super oily skin. Be careful not to cake too much on! The other natural finish one IMO is more suited for normal to dry skin. It doesn't necessarily feel heavy, but I can tell it's there when it's hot out.

OMG thank you for this, I think we might be similar! I'm neutral to warm undertones and fair skin. Sometimes I think foundations in fair yellow shades tend to go a little too yellow, but then neutral foundations look grey and pink foundations look orange. Or an exact skin tone match?

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I'm looking for another color in the formula and want a skin tone match, as going a shade lighter doesn't help cover my undereye circles. Old Match: It looks I think if you're hovering around the Too Faced Almond shade for the peach foundation, it should be a close match. I think some of the pale yellow shades in many lines MAC, Too Faced are just a tad too yellow for many people, which may be why it looks off. If anyone has any recommendations for foundation for oily skin that would be super! Also I'm curious about the new ColourPop foundation, so if anyone with similar coloring has tried and can recommend a shade or 2 to try that would be swell!

Oh hi I'm also a Fenty too. It's a pretty great match for me.

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I like the L'Oreal Pro Matte in the lightest shade but it is a touch too dark for me so sometimes I mix it. I've heard a lot of mixed things about the Colourpop foundation in terms of the finish and their shade match chart being all over the place. I've been wanting to try the Studio Fix Fluid for a while but I haven't gotten around to it yet. It sounds like we are pretty spot on similar in skin tone! I got the Colourpop foundation in Fair 20 and it's almost a perfect match.

Maybe very slightly? It's hardly noticeable to me. I don't know if you've ever tried the Colourpop concealer but that oxidized terribly on me so this was a nice surprise! Here are the matches I distinctly remember! Fenty in or don't remember which one it was, but it was a perfect match that I can't use because it doesn't work for my skin.

The WnW foundation matches decently but I feel the formula is drying and I hate the applicator. WnW Cushion in the lightest shade, perfect match in the summer. Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation in Light 1, fairly good match. CYO Life Proof in , two shades too dark. Fenty , very good match.

Shape Tape in lightest shade, quite good match. I'm also a Fenty , the shape tape is my fave. I like the MAC prolongwear but I just like shape tape more. I have a difficult time finding a shade and so does everyone else who tries to match me. If I had to guess I'd say the base is light to light-medium leaning a little more warm than neutral but not really yellow with the ability to get a golden tan. I also have some freckling and a lot of redness from various things so that throws things off. I don't match from my neck or jawline because they are much lighter than the middle of my face.

Welcome to Reddit,

I usually only wear bronzer there. But because I've had skin issues with all of those this is what I'm wearing I'm wearing these days:. They are a little cool for me but the warm shades are really bad matches. Light warm is way too light looks pale yellow, and Light Medium Warm is way too dark and look staight up brown on me.

Beautiful Christmas time to you all, who love Dermacol

But this formula works so well for me I keep using it. Glossier Skin Tint in Medium. The undertone is perfect but its a little too light.

Fenty foundation shade sharing post? : MakeupAddiction

Doesn't matter because I won't be able to repurchase with the formula change. I'm not super fair, but I don't tan very well either. As you can see, almost everything I have that matches well is MAC, and if I try the Temptalia tool, that's mostly what is recommended as likely to work well, so I'm curious if anyone else knows of other foundations especially light-coverage, skin-like ones that match this shade.

Doesn't agree with the silicones in my moisturizer and sunscreen. I stopped wearing it because it tended to break it down on my nose by the end of the day.

Face and Body C1. I've never tried to match with anything else! Oh wait no, Glossier's Stretch Concealer in the light shade matches me well. Fair, neutral-cool. A lot of foundations, even the lightest ones in a range, pull yellow or orange or too pink. My face veins are blue and my dark circles are purplish. I do tan with sun exposure, but I try to avoid it because it drastically changes my undertones to cool yellow and everything looks off makeup-wise.

Maybelline Master Conceal in Fair kinda yellow but that's ok, it hides redness and dark circles a bit better. It's weird, if you put them next to each other you'd really think it wouldn't work because the concealer is yellower and seems a bit deeper but it works the best for me.

Ivory works best at my lightest and Light Biege at my darkest, I usually just stick with Fairly Light Beige as it seems like a good medium though. I really only use this on my undereye and eye area, but it matches beautifully and brightens my eye just enough while not being too stark. Depending on whether or not it's available in your country, Rimmel Lasting Finish Breathable reformulated version with the red cap in Light Ivory works for me and I match Fenty and Chantilly.

My undertone is a little hard to nail down. I think I have very slight olive tones to my skin but it usually leans warm.

MAC Studio Fix Foundation NC25 Review – For Great Coverage and Convenience!

Most of the matches below I can live with but it's always a struggle since I find foundations are either too red, too orange, too peachy, too grey, etc. If you match Physician's Formula, you may want to check out saaamage for other foundation matches. Maybelline Age Rewind in Light undereye. Maybe I got a bad batch but this stuff came off immediately.

My best foundation match is Tarte Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Foundation in Ivory description says pink undertones, but it looks more yellow to me , and the Tarte Maracuja Creaseless Concealer in Light Medium Sand is the best match for the foundation. Looking into Maybelline Fit Me 20 and My best matches- Foundation- Maybelline fit me dewy and smooth ivory Makeup forever ultra HD in shade R Maybelline BB creme shade Light Concealer- -makeup revolution concealer C3 -born this way shade Light Powder- Bare minerals mineral veil original Fit me loose powder shade 10 Fenty powder.

Maybelline Age Rewind in Fair this one is exactly my skin color, best match in the universe. Colourpop's foundations in Fair 30 and Fair 35 35 in the Summer. GA Luminous Silk 3. Maybelline Fit Me: I can get away with this one's a bit too yellow , , and Mainly around NC Yellow undertone. MAC NW20 is a close 2nd. Again WTF covergirl I'm not even a pale princess and your lightest is still too dark. For under eye concealer I use Maybelline age rewind in fair or light depending on what's in stock at the store they both work for me.

Everything tends to look orange on me, even supposedly yellow foundations end up looking peach I know I have super similar undertones to her.


Tarte Amazonian Clay in Fair Beige a bit too light right now, but a bit too dark in the middle of winter. Nars RCC in Vanilla good match for all over right now, a bit pink , Chantilly using now to highlight, works in winter all over. Nars rcc in creme bruee a tad bit peachy but not as dark or yellow as custard and the other one is way too orange i forgot name i think its canelle. Tarte Shape Tape in Fair slightly too light but not noticeable when wearing foundation - used mainly for spot concealing. NARS Siberia would be a decent winter shade match too light in the summer if it was less 'bright'.

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Weekly Threads: Temper Tantrum Tuesday y u so mad tho - Rant about allll the things. Single Product Spotlight - Thursdays. One product in painstaking detail. They are easy to apply, great for travel, and most brands carry them. Mid-way, I switched to mineral foundation having heard all the good stuff about it. I liked it so much I went out to get a backup, way before the first one panned out. I have under eye circles, redness around the nose, uneven skin tone aplenty. It does not hide hideous acne well on its own though. You can build to your desired coverage with this foundation — full, medium, or sheer like as a setting powder.

Make sure to wash the sponge frequently with the Daiso Brush Cleanser. If you prefer not to use sponges, like me, then load a kabuki brush with powder by swirling it in the pan. Do it in layers for increasing coverage instead of getting a thick first layer. Use a large fluffy brush like the EcoTools Blush Brush to set liquid foundation. If your liquid foundation provides medium coverage, the MAC Foundation can bring it to full coverage. If you have oily skin, it is recommended that you use a powder to set liquid foundation.

You can create a natural look or porcelain-doll kind of finish with the different types of application as stated above. Be careful, though, if you have bumps and pits on your skin, like I do — aplenty. This foundation, while does well to even out skin tone, does not glide over skin blemishes as well as do liquid foundation. It is perfect for people with relatively good skin. This brings out the worst of my skin during PMS when pimples celebrate in blooms on my face.

Due to its matte finish, it does little to brighten the skin. I would think that people with mature skin should avoid this foundation as well as it tends to make fine lines more visible. I used to be able to use this without having obvious cracks under the eyes after a while, but I seem to be slowly losing that luxury!

It tends to slide off within a few hours, maybe ? Good thing that it is easy to reapply. Therefore I use this in conjunction with liquid foundation now, and not on its own, like I used to.

Guide to MAC Foundations 2018

Our skin go through changes, and so must our face products! This is a great face powder to have in your travel makeup bag or to bring around every day in your purse for touch-up. It is light, compact, and convenient! I would still bring along a liquid foundation though, because I fear that the unpredictable weather might make my skin too dry or too oily, and I want to have options. It seems that many people have problems with the MAC Studio Fix Foundation, what with clogged pores, huge cystic pimples, and creating havoc on the skin!

I naturally have pores that are prone to clogging and I never have a face free of pimples sad life. When I used the MAC Foundation, my skin condition did not get better or worse — it remained the same. I would think that using the sponge applicator might have caused some reactions on the skin due to accumulated dirt and grime and oil on the sponge. That could make a difference! You are bound to find a good color match, provided you get a right match in the first place.