How to compress wav files mac

Add WAV file to the program by dragging and dropping.

Compress WAV MP3 Files Windows Mac

If you convert WAV to lossy format, you can set Bitrate in Advanced Settings to get different compression rate and quality. WAV is such common and popular audio format so many people have a lot in hand. Meanwhile, it is uncompressed so that it has a large size than compressed audio files and takes up more space.

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Apr 30, , Posted by Andrew Smith. Free Download Free Download. Do not lower too much, otherwise the quality will lose. All Rights Reserved. You will find it is rather inconvenient to save and upload those files due to the large file size.

WAV Compression - How to Compress WAV Files on Mac

Compress them to a small file size would be more preferable for further usage. MP3 can be your perfect choice to compress WAV to. The reason is that MP3 audio format uses a lossy compression, which helps greatly reduce the amount of data but still sound like a faithful reproduction of the original uncompressed audio. In addition, it is idea for consumer streaming, storage as well as music playback on most digital audio players.

Why compress WAV files?

As the main music compression format, many of our favorite music or songs download from Internet are in MP3 format. We will continue to enrich our computer or portable devices with more and more new music and songs.

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  7. Ultimate Solutions for Compressing WAV Files!

For space-saving consideration, deletion will be performed reluctantly once in a while. The fact is that we really do not have to do that. Just compress your MP3 files with some audio compressor software will solve the problems.

Compress audio file to reduce file size and optimize for web

Free Trial Free Trial. You can compress MP3 files to small size in two ways: Go with the following steps:. Click the "Video"; button on the mainly interface to import MP3 files to the program for compression.

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