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I tried to use this method but it did not work for me. I also needed to put in a new password to a network I was already using. I tried to click on the alert connections and add the network I was on with the new password. WPA personal, etc in and the new password. I did it twice and it took the second time because I wrote it exactly how it was written with upper and lower case in the proper place. Hopefully this will help someone else. Extra question, is it somehow possible to see when you last connected to each network? This way I can delete very old networks. SO frustrating! After u follow the above mentioned instructions..

Just join some other network available on ur WiFi scroll down menu. So type some random password and click ok then try reconnecting to your network.. It asks you for Your new password. Type it in and your ready to go.

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This tip is just wrong — old networks keep reappearing even after they have been deleted. I have a list going back to at least , even though this is my third iMac and third iPhone since then. If the network is in range, it will reappear. Forgetting a network disconnects it and prevents auto-joining if it sees it again. I have as Michael old networks from past travels re-appearing in the Preferred Network, even after having been deleted and never been in the range of those networks since the deletion. Some deleted network never re-appear, and some deleted networks re-appear after months.

We need a method for deleting unwanted networks permanently. Hi, I travel a lot and I have exactly the same problem many have complained about. I delete about 50 wifi networks I no longer use, but they keep reappearing. I looked in keychain — they are not there. It is driving me insane. I delete the networks, I press accept, I close the computer and restart it — and back they all come. What can I do please. I have followed all directions on this tread, which are the same as all other threads I have read.

I get to 4 of the pictured directions at the top of the page, and what I want to remove is not there. I have also gone into utilities, keychain, and what I want to remove is not there, under any of the keychains or categories. What I want to remove is the name of my personal router and extender, I no longer have them, I have new ones with new names. Those Wi-Fi hotspots keep reappearance even after you delete them on your Mac is because they are all originated from your iPhones.

You will need to dis-associate your keychain from the iCloud storage and then they will be gone for good and Mac OS will not try to re-sync Wi-Fi hotspots again. To dis-associate the keychain: There is a catch: Your iCloud keychain may not be able to uncheck. The moment you uncheck it and it checks itself back again after a couple of seconds.

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You will have to delete the Keychain preference folder completely in order for it to reset itself and for it to work. To delete the keychain folder: Move that to trash and restart your Mac. After your Mac restarted, then empty it. I needed to remove a network from my Wifi list and this article gave me clear, effective instructions and it worked perfectly! Name required. Mail will not be published required.

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User profile for user: Tom Wolsky Tom Wolsky. Video Speciality level out of ten: How to forget a network Whenever I open my computer it wants to connect to my neighbor's open network. Thanks very much. More Less. Helpful answers Drop Down menu. Mac OS X Speciality level out of ten: View answer in context. Esquared Esquared. Notebooks Speciality level out of ten: Loading page content. Since connecting to an unsafe network is very risky, the chances of your data loss increase.

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All this leads to one thing: Data Loss. If you ever lose your data, one way to retrieve it back is using Tenorshare Mac Data Recovery. The tool is an all-rounder solution for all your data loss cases. Whether it is due to some virus or due to some human error, your lost data will be restores by using this tool. All in all, these were the best 2 methods to know how to forget the network on Macbook Air. Please do let us know if these methods work for you by commenting below. Also share with us different methods, if you have any. Mac Tips.

Top 2 Methods to Forget a Network on Mac Apple has given its devices the ability to join a familiar network automatically when it is in range. Removing a Network from Preferred Networks List in Mac Using this method, you can permanently delete the network that you wish to forget on your Mac device.

Top 2 Methods to Forget a Network on Mac

All you need to do is follow the steps given below and get to know how do you forget a network on Apple Mac Begin by click on the Wifi option present on the desktop. As soon as you click the Wifi icon, a drop down menu will appear. Select "Open Network Preferences" option. This will land you in the same window. Tap on "Wi-Fi" option from the sidebar. Next, tap on the "Advanced" opting present in the corner.

In the new window, you will see a list of preferred networks.