Samsung nc10 mac os x 10.6

Grab both of the files and stick them both on your desktop.

Mac OS X on Samsung NC10 - OSx86 (Leopard) - InsanelyMac Forum

Google and download Kexthelper B7 and download. Open Kexthelper and drag the sleepenabler. When the computer restarts you will be greeted by an error message about unable to patch 64 bit kernel. The laptop will start up. Not the right name but it means we now have processor support. The only problem now is that everytime we start the computer we will get the same error message, again this can be fixed.

Open terminal again and type the following pressing enter after each line: Now we need to sort out the other problems. Go to the link for Netbookmaker above and download Netbookinstaller. Head into System preferences and set up the trackpad for whatever you want. Two finger scrolling works if you set the two finger threshold to low otherwise the pointer goes nuts.

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Feel free to go into Software update and download anything apart from Good luck. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

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Eclectic Info. Stay updated via RSS. Twitter Feed Error: November 6, in Software , Tutorials. Like this: Like Loading Tim Hugall says: November 7, at Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here You should be looking at the Leopard desktop, and have a drive icon for the bootable USB drive.

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Run this and follow the prompts the default answers should be sensible in order to setup your EFI partition. There is now a replacement DSDT. Again, please let me know if this works for you or not. The Version 1. The glitch above must have been related to accidentally running the installer on a real Mac.

Eject the Installer image and the USB device, and then reboot for the final time note that you will not see an Apple logo as the system boots from now on — this was removed from the bootloader for code-size reasons , and you should find that you have an all-singing, all-dancing, and mostly functional Leopard machine in front of you!

Snow Leopard 10.6 on MSI Wind U100 netbook

There are still issues related to running external displays over the VGA port in non-mirrored mode which are unresolved. Audio switching from the headphone jack to the internal speakers is currently a manual job, but forthcoming drivers due soon promise to fix this. Because the touchpad is assumed to be square, the vertical sensitivity is too high, but this is also being worked on.

Any new extensions should be installed instead into the Extensions directory on the EFI partition, and the update. There are currently rumours of an Atom-based Mac Mini update or even an official Apple netbook, either of which could vastly improve the, already very good, hardware support for this platform. Version 1. Anyone who has already downloaded the original release should upgrade to this version and re-run the installer if any problems were encountered previously.

Stuart May 02, Apple have locked-down OSX further in recent times, so it may be difficult or impossible to go beyond the versions of OSX In all honesty, your best option might be a lightweight Linux distribution… perhaps have a read of http: Thanks and oh I would not mind trying I can show you some pictures if you like. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

Email Address. Stuart's Weblog. Normal service will be resumed shortly What you will need: What you will need to download: The installation image available from here 8. What will happen next: Then syslinux is run from Windows or Linux in order to make the device bootable.

Booting from this device allows the Leopard installation to complete. Preparing the boot device: Now run the command: