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The app is further enhanced with text specially written by biologist Dr Hilary Wilson and there are photos showing a variety of plumages. The app features hi-res images, distribution maps and detailed text descriptions of more than bird species found in Britain and Ireland. Buy from play. This birdwatching app has photos and information for more than birds that either live or have been spotted in Great Britain and the British Isles.

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Enlarging the images of the birds can be done through a quick touch-screen tap. A useful app if you want to identify the birds simply from their call. Bird Song Id helps you to identify a wide variety of birds of the British Isles by their songs and calls.

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Simply record a bird singing and use Automatic Recognition to help identify it. Extend the bird call recognition to Europe with Chirp!

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It is highly recommended although it does cost more than other apps. A high-quality digital field guide with bird names in 15 languages and covering species of birds regularly seen in Northern Europe. Record bird and wildlife sightings, maps, habitats and photos and share your records with other people. By FionaOutdoors A journalist, web copywriter blogger and social media chatterbox, Fiona combines her love of the outdoors — especially Scotland — with a diverse freelance work life. If she's not at her desk writing about the outdoors, she'll be outside cycling, running, kayaking, snowboarding and walking Munros.

She shares her outdoors passion with partner, the G-Force.

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Sometimes her teenage daughter Little Miss Outdoors tags along, too. Keep up to date with the latest updates and offers on all things walking, cycling, and adventure travel. Click Here to see the 40 Custom Lists. These instructions are for Microsoft's Internet Explorer. Other browsers may have slightly different names for the buttons you need to click. In that case, only those birds common to both Titles will appear when you import a Custom List.

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Click Here to see the 40 Custom Lists 1. Scroll through to see all the pages. You may upload a Custom List of the birds seen on any trip - and even take a quiz on those birds!

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You upload one Custom List at a time. Scientists want to be very sure this new classification is better than the traditional classification before they make an official change.

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There are over 10, species of birds in the world. Over 1, have been seen in the U. About 1, have been seen in Europe as well. By far the largest concentration of bird species are found in South America. Over 3, species have been seen there. In Brazil, Colombia and Peru the species count for each country tops 1, Here are some very general figures for the species count for each continent: Birdnet is the "umbrella" site for all U.

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We highly recommend this software. He divided the animal Kingdom into groups that each had things in common. Then he divided those groups into smaller groups that had even more things in common. When he finally finished, there were seven levels in his system. At the lowest level is the species. His scientific classification system is still used today. These seven levels are shown below.

Here is how scientists classify an American Robin: Animals called Birds. Birds that perch.

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Turdus migratorius. American Robin.