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Whenever I get my makeup done at events, I often get sucked into buying the tools they use and push. My recommendation — definitely go to events, they are a great way to learn new techniques and color combinations. Do some of your own research first about the line by looking at each company website and browse through the products in advance so get an idea of what they have to offer. Bobbi Brown Bronzer Brush new version 2. Laura Mercier Bronzer Brush 3. Bobbi Brown Bronzer Brush old version 5. Highlighting Brushes: Like the concept but not the price? Trish McEvoy Blending Brush 48 7.

Bobbi Brown Face Blender Brush.

MAC vs. Sigma Brushes Dupe Guide (New Numbering System)

I find myself drawn to short brushes because I find them cute and often they are made with super soft materials. I find the handle too short for the size of the bristles making it difficult to hold. The Laura Mercier Mineral Primer Brush has a half moon-shaped head and small handle I find difficult to hold, so I find that I rarely use this one as well. Bobbi Brown Face Brush 2. Laura Mercier Face Brush 5.

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Laura Mercier Mineral Primer Brush. Face Brushes July 27, Great list! Anyhoo, Thanks for posting this! Yo estaba queriendo comprar las Sigma pero no todos los comentarios son buenos y las MAC estan carisimas, me puedo comprar dos o tres por mes. Pero soy recoda jajaja.

Day 2 of Beauty Tools & Essentials: Face Brushes | The Beauty Look Book

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Ray-Ban sunglasses: Kendall Jenner Fashion: Shirt Dress Giveaway. Beauty Discussion Board: Comment Name Email Website. This is so great! Straight to the point! Thank you, very helpful Reply.

This is amazing and just what I needed thanks Reply. Thank you so much for this!!!! Your a life saver!!! HI Carolina, I apologize for the late response. Hello my name is Carolina and I have a blog in Brazil. Wonderful this post! It must have taken a lot of work. However, my readers speak Portuguese and simply leave the link to my blog, will not help them. I await your response. Already thanks Reply. Wow awesome catalog list of MAC dupes you have here.

Duo fibre eye shadow brush. Split Fibre Eye Blending Brush The natural side provides a soft, diffused look, while synthetic fibres fuse colour onto lids for a polished, luminous finish.

The Advanced Brush Kit is all about indulging in a more elaborate affair, with a wide range of brushes to suit all of your needs presented in a foiled gold bag that doubles as a clutch. Blush Brush. Dual Fibre. I am continually adding more products- so check back in! For smooth application of Powders and Creams.