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But, as with all computers, the trusty Macintosh can also become sluggish after a while. One of the fastest, easiest ways to speed up your Mac is to download CleanMyMac.

This app quickly scans your entire Mac, giving you the ability to get rid of gigabytes of system-slowing junk data in just a couple of clicks. Along with some fairly obvious tips such as removing unused apps, in this video we also show you how to reset your System Management Controller , or SMC, which can help fix any Wi-Fi and hardware problems or startup issues. Want more Mac tips? Take control of your Apple Pencil 2. A single tab opened may take up 20 percent of your RAM.

Best WiFi Speed Test Apps for Mac

The answer is simple: If you want to increase the internet speed, try switching to Safari. It is considered to be one of the fastest web browsers out there and it usually wins the speed tests on Macs. It goes without saying that a cluttered system affects your Mac performance. If you want to get a better browsing speed, you need to clean up your Mac from all the clutter it contains.

With its help, you can easily remove large and old files, broken downloads, app leftovers, caches, log files, and much more. CleanMyMac knows what to clean and what not to clean, making it incredibly safe. The problem may be on their end and most likely they are doing their best to resolve it this minute. Make a little research to choose the one that fits all your requirements. We hope our guide has helped you and you finally made your Mac faster.

1. Switch to Safari (if you're not using it already)

The last but not the least our piece of advice: Staying connected matters, right? Ivan Exploring latest tech trends.

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How to Speed Up Your Mac without Spending a Cent -

Turning on security on your WiFi connection ensures that nobody else can use your Internet connection. Note that this backup interval is specified in seconds, so one hour which is the default has a value of 3, Your Internet speed might seem very slow if you have dozens of open tabs in your browser, or applications which remain permanently connected to the Internet. However, some people swear by other popular browsers such as Firefox and Chrome. There are a few apps which promise to optimise your Mac and speed it up.

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  8. Applications which free up your disk space and memory can also help to increase your Internet speed. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

    2. Reset (or update) your Internet browser

    Learn how your comment data is processed. Make sure your Mac is not close to a corner or a wall. Also rotate it and see if the performance improves.

    Test Your Internet Speed

    I moved and had terrible problems. Then I saw this advice on the web and so moved my Mac. Instant improvement. If for example the Duplex settings are different, then you might want to change them back to the standard settings.