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Improved search for compatible camera drivers. Simplified camera configuration. Fixed video search for H cameras. Simplified video search.

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Added audio support for more camera models. Improved UI for adding cameras. Fixed occasional startup issues. Fixed reported issues. Added Object Detection. Now you can quickly find when Cars or People and etc. Improved support for H cameras. Improved Audio Playback. Added instant replay for Motion Events. Improved Motion Detection. Improved support for Trendnet Cameras. Improved support for Axis, Hikvision and Lilin cameras. Added Support for new Tenvis cameras.

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Bug Fixes. There is also a dedicated Nest app for iPhone and iPad to receive intruder or activity alerts. Most recently, Next has launched Nest Cam IQ which features facial recognition meaning it can send alerts based on faces it does and does not recognize in your home.

Video Surveillance Software on Mac OS X

Security Spy is one of the most widely used Mac IP camera software solutions out there. One of the main attractions of Security Spy is the ability to scale up or down both the amount of cameras and cost depending on how your needs as they grow or decline. Security Spy is therefore suitable for everything from a small to medium sized home solution to a large office or professional security system.

Security Spy covers all the essentials we look for in surveillance software including motion detection, audio detection, email alerts or SMS alerts when activity has been detected.


A lot of surveillance software started life on Windows and has been ported to Mac but as a result, a lot of them feel like PC apps. The developers of Security Spy will even advise you on the best types of camera for your needs and it integrates with most major IP cameras including Sony, Samsung, Canon and Bosch. Even better, Sighthound is now completely free surveillance software for Mac if you just need to just one camera in low resolution although this would only be suitable for a very basic surveillance solution covering the area around your Mac.

Sighthound is easy to set up with support for multiple cameras, IR cameras and support for remote access via any browser although Firefox and Chrome seem to work better than Safari for displaying cameras. Your best bet is to try the free version of Sighthound before deciding if you want to upgrade to the Sighthound Basic or Sighthound Pro. Sighthound Pro is a remarkably good surveillance solution for Mac users and very economical compared to Security Spy although not quite as polished and advanced.

Xeoma is aimed at those with little technical knowledge or time when it comes to setting-up a home or business surveillance system. Xeoma uses a unique building block approach to help you construct a tailor-made customized security system on Mac which is extremely easy and intuitive to use. Xeoma is certainly the easiest and quickest way to set up a security camera on your Mac and you can be monitoring in a matter of minutes after downloading it. Other nifty features include Fisheye dewarping, camera grouping, camera mapping and image rotation.

You can record simultaneously to several disks at once and access camera from wherever you are in the world. In fact you can add up to cameras per server which is more than enough even for enterprise setups. You can download a basic free version of Xeoma to get to grips with it and also check whether your cameras works with it. Xeoma is compatible with most types of camera including IR cameras and although you can check specific camera brands and models first.

Note that the Mac version of Xeoma has specific installation instructions and a few features are not available on Mac such as Screen Capture and Full Screen mode. AirBeam is designed to turn all of your Apple devices into a flexible remote surveillance system.

It can stream live video and audio to iPhones, iPads, Macs or simply a web browser. Another handy thing is that AirBeam automatically discovers AirBeam cameras on your network with support for robotic Motrr Galileo cameras too. The software itself is free to use on Mac but the cost of cameras can add up depending on whether you need indoor and outdoor cameras, HD quality, PTZ, wireless connections etc. You can view real-time video of several camera channels, map cameras and even configure them to send the alarm out to other applications if it detects motion or intruders.

Best Mac Security Cameras & Software

Be aware that iCam automatically records footage to iCam Cloud to ensure that you always have a backup of video in case your Mac gets stolen or crashes. Configuring routers and setting up cameras in general is a bit trickier in iCam than many other surveillance apps on Mac. Be aware that there are some other extra in-app purchase costs to consider with iCam. Of all the low-budget apps that claim to provide reliable video camera surveillance for Macs however, iCamera Recorder is one of the few that works surprisingly well.

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  6. Persicope Pro is pretty basic but is well designed, easy to use and features essentials such as motion detection, video and sound recording and covert monitoring. You can also upload any recorded footage directly to Dropbox in case anything happens to your Mac. Setting up IP cameras is particularly well done on Persicope Pro with a setup wizard to automatically detect cameras. You can schedule recording or set it to record based on motion which will also send you motion detection alerts, upload to FTP and remotely access cameras from PC.

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    Mac and iOS devices. The smart thing about iDVR Pro is that you can view up to thirty-six cameras in one view making it suitable for professional security guards to monitor. You can access camera on a local network or remotely from anywhere. BackStreet Surveillance is another professional CCTV security system that has a relatively easy user interface for something so powerful but like Amcrest, it requires proprietary cameras. Pricing is on quotation only. These are the best security cameras and software for Mac and although you will find other budget surveillance solutions on the Mac App Store, in our experience the results are not great.

    The same goes for the popular Blue Iris surveillance software which only runs on Windows.

    The smartest video surveillance software for the Mac.

    There are plenty of Blue Iris alternatives for Mac here that do the job just as well and will be far more reliable and less stressful to setup. There are many reasons you may want to use security camera software on your Mac but some of the most common reasons include:. There are some useful things to be aware of however before choosing which is the best system out there for Mac users. Here are some important things to know before deciding which is best for your needs and expectations.

    Finally, be aware that no home security system is bulletproof. Thieves and home invaders are becoming increasingly sophisticated in taking-out DIY home security camera systems.