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The main advantage of Disk Drill over other similar apps is that it stores in truly standard formats.

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This characteristic makes the copy very portable , as it allows for the image file to be opened by other Mac backup software available on the market. The first is simply an extra layer to the recycle bin, and the second keeps a copy of any file moved to a pre-selected folder.

Five Free Backup Applications for Mac - Make Tech Easier

In addition, the app can scan computer drives in search of missing files. Overall, Disk Drill is one of the best Mac backup software solutions available — as it is efficient, fast, portable, comprehensive and easy to use. File compression is a technology that searches for repeated data, and stores the data in archive files that remove these repetitions, resulting in smaller size files.

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Mac computers can create and recognize zip files through the operating system OS X. Summarizing , archive files and their compressed versions present a very practical option , particularly in cases of small and medium-size backups. This app creates incremental backups in what is possibly the simplest solution to create a backup hard drive Mac in a periodical manner.

The app can be set to create hourly backups covering the past 24 hours, daily backups containing the past month, and weekly backups consisting of files older than a month. The backups can be stored on any disk connected to the Mac. Alternatively, backups can be kept in the AirPort Time Capsule device, which is a hard drive with a network router with Wi-Fi and Ethernet.

When the storage is remote , Time Machine uses sparse bundles. This method makes the storage neutral to the actual file system used by the network server. Based on how much data you will store in the cloud, you can upgrade your storage plan. Similar to iCloud Drive is the online storage offered by Google.

Five Free Backup Applications for Mac

When you sign up for a Google account you are given 15GB of free storage which can be upgraded as you need it. Another online alternative that will allow you to backup your data is Dropbox. When you sign up for a Dropbox account, you can save any of your data to their online storage — you get 2GB for free. You pay for the storage by the month and can use as much as you are willing to purchase. You are not constrained by the size of your storage device.

Since you have backed up to an online location, your data is kept separately from your computer, ensuring that you can retrieve your data in the event of a catastrophe such as a fire or flood that may destroy the primary and backup copies of your data. You do need an Internet connection in order to perform online backups.

How to back up your Mac

You will also need to be connected in order to use this backup for a restore. This may be an issue for some users and is one of the main reasons to continue with locally created backups. As you can see, there are a multitude of techniques you can employ to backup your Mac.

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Failure to backup your machine leaves you exposed to data loss and all the problems that can result from such an event. If you are not currently backing up your Mac, choose one of the options above and start doing it today. You never know when a backup may be required to recover your precious files. We are going to look at 3 ways to backup your Mac: Connect your storage device to your Mac.

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After the storage device is connected you will be asked if you want to use this drive to back up with Time Machine. You can choose to encrypt your backup , and it is recommended that you do so. Then click on Use as Backup Disk.

How to Free Up Space on Your Mac Hard Drive With This Simple Trick

If your drive is not recognized automatically, open up Time Machine preferences and manually add the disk as a backup target. Once the disk is selected Time Machine will immediately begin creating a backup.

The time required for subsequent backups will vary based on the number of new files or changes made to your system since the previous backup. Download and install Disk Drill on your Mac. To see the size of a specific file or folder, click it once and then press Command-I. To see storage information about your Mac, click the Apple menu in the top-left of your screen. Choose About This Mac and click the Storage tab.

For Time Machine backups, it's good to use a drive that has at least twice the storage capacity of your Mac. This isn't a backup, but it includes new tools to make it easier to find and remove large or unwanted files before you make a backup. You can use Disk Utility if you need to erase or format a storage device. Get help by chat, phone, or email. You can also set up a repair or make a Genius Bar appointment. Back up your Mac Backing up your Mac is simple and important. Create a backup.