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On international keyboards the ] character is often not a single key, and needs to be replaced with some other key.

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The correct key is typically the key to the right of P or the next key after that. Change your systems keyboard language to U.

Ctrl-C (Break key) for Mac?

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The break key sequence in the password recovery | CiscoZine

A command line command used within Microsoft operating systems that enable or disables the ability to send breaks. See the break command for further information. Break is also a Linux command.

See the Linux break command for more information. Home Dictionary B - Definitions. Break Updated: Data is sent by changing between logical 1 and logical 0 for each byte you send.

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A Break is a kind of out-of-band signal — something you want to tell the receiving equipment that is NOT part of your data. For the Break, the TXD line is held at a logical 0 voltage for longer than one data frame.

There are short breaks and long breaks, also. Please note! You can uninstall it if you need by removing the osx-pl But you may lose the break!

How to use the command line on Mac