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If its a Mac that you want to use it on, then you need to format it as a Mac drive, and then your Mac will be able to see it. Not Working! Regardless of what format the flash drive is using, your Mac should be able to "see" it.

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But either way your Mac should be able to see it. Make sure you try plugging it into every USB port on the Mac in case one of the ports is not working.

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A close friend of mine got an HP Flash drive and had the same issues with it. Took it back and purchased a San Disk at my recommendation and it worked perfectly on his Macs and Windows machines. Not sure what is up, but figured I would post this just in case.

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I'm having the same problem with an 8G HP flash drive on a Mac. Plugged it in for the first time last night and it appeared under Devices in Finder. Copied a bunch of files to it Word docs and Excel spreadsheets now I cannot access the drive at all - not on finder and not in disk utilities. I can't take the stupid thing back because it contains all my personal info which somebody with more computer expertise than I have could access.

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Ansh I hope you find a solution and share it with us. If it does work, format the flash drive and return it. It appears HP flash drives are problematic. Make sure to determine the cause of USB not recognized issue before you format your drive. It will help you restore the data from your USB device easily and efficiently.

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Download and try it for now. Files are lost from your Xbox flash drive?

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The last USB device you connected to this computer malfunctioned, and Windows does not recognize it. How can I fix USB device not recognized error? Also, I want to get data back which stored in the USB drive. Part 1. Unknown device, descriptor request failed, error code 43 One of the devices attached to this computer has malfunctioned, and Windows does not recognize it. For assistance in solving this problem, click this message Drive did not load successfully The device you connected to this computer malfunctioned, and Windows does not recognize it USB device not recognized Unknown drive, port reset failed.

Verbatim Store Recovery: Any idea to solve this problem? Aug 30, 7: If your USB drive is not hopefully somehow damaged, it should be detected in Windows to enable you to format it to FAT 32, if not being detected in Windows, then try another windows in another computer. Communities Contact Support.

Sign in. Browse Search. Ask a question. User profile for user: Apple Music Speciality level out of ten: The drive is not recognised by my mac. When I plug the drive in nothing happens.

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Can anyone suggest what I should do next? Thanks in advance Ian. More Less.