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We send and receive emails every single day using different email clients, but it is no secret that till date the corporate world prefers Microsoft Outlook. The app has been around for sometime and its functionality is appreciated by a lot of users. Not only you can send, receive and store your emails in the app, you can also use it for storing your Contacts and other data, marking events in Calendar, etc. Having said that, let us not forget that Outlook is a MS product and it is meant primarily for Windows users.

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There are certain limitations when it comes to using it on Mac system, one of them being calendar entries synchronization. There are certain ways to go about it, e.

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But here we will talk about the easiest way to sync your Mac and Outlook Calendar events - with the help of SyncMate. The application can sync not only Calendar entries, but also Contacts, files, folders and media libraries iTunes, iPhoto. You can opt for automatic synchronization, the app will do it for you in the background, so nothing will distract you from your work. There is a handy Autosync option - go for it if you want the app to do all the work for you in the background, and you can carry on with your other tasks. SyncMate also enables mounting OneDrive cloud storage, so you can access and manage data on it as if it were another disk on your Mac.

Because when you want to keep data up to date across multiple devices, it is the easiest way to go. The alternative is updating everything manually and doing so on your Mac, then on your phone and cloud services can be very time consuming. If you use SyncMate, you just need to connect your device to macOS and then choose exactly which data to sync.

So what is SyncMate?

The entire process lastas a couple of minutes. Data transfer refers to the process of simply moving a piece of information from one device to the other. Data transfer can be done between a computer, mobile devices or even cloud storage. With SyncMate, besides data transfer you get synchronization which is the process of equally updating data on each side of the transfer process.

So you make sure that all devices get all the updated information at the same time. You can contact as many devices as you need, transforming your Mac into a veritable sync center. Without doubt, SyncMate is the only tool that offers a Sync Service to transfer data between Mac and other accounts or devices. With SyncMate you get two features in one tool - Mac data transfer and Mac data synchronization.

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Easy way to sync Outlook Calendar with Mac OS X for free

Mechanism to sync mail accounts between Mac and iPhone Ask Question. When using IMAP mail accounts you have to do nothing: Only POP is not synced. See other answer. Correct and seems quite dull to me.

As usual if use icloud all syncs up pretty well. If you try and use something different, no luck. Why would you want to use something different than icloud? They'll probably come up with some corporate bs about security or stuff.

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I have tried in vain to find the answer for a while as I find it very amateur to have to enter again all email account settings whenever you have to configure a new IOS device. How does this work? Keychain syncs passwords, not accounts, as far as I can tell. Calion iCloud Keychain does sync accounts as well, but only between Macs. So my answer is actually incorrect.