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Graham Miln Hm, for me the script creates new untitled files in Applications folder and not in the current folder I'm in. For the AppleScript method, I need to right click a folder for the Service show. How can I show it by just right clicking empty space in Finder? Dragging it to the toolbar does nothing for me. Can you post a gif or something? Some of the features as listed on their website are - XtraFinder add Tabs and features to Mac Finder. Light text on dark background. Transparent window. Here is a screenshot of my finder toolbar - Ps. Rahul Thakur Rahul Thakur 2 5. This no longer works on OSX.

Here is my workaround: Do this once, create an empty text file in your desktop to serve as template.

This solution is great -- my small tweak: Then click the Downloads folder in your Dock and option-drag as you said. Next, choose Folders from the drop-down menu Service receives selected Copy and paste this script into the Run AppleScript action: If you don't specify name of the file, the service would number the files like so untitled , then untitled 2 and so on wuthout causing an error. This works pretty well thanks.

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Is there a way to add two features? Can the new file be saved directly as 'newfile. At the moment I get the Services option only when I right click on a Folder Icon, is there a way to get that option while clicking on a Finder window? Any way to make it so that it doesn't require right clicking a folder? I was hoping I could do this by just right clicking on empty space in a Finder window. EhteshamHasan and Andrea Di Biagio, see my answer below.

You don't have to select a file folder for it to work, and the service is available under the Finder menu even when nothing is selected. On el capitan and probably others the best solution I found is to download the script here: JustAMartin Any method of creating a file will fail if you don't have the required permissions. But I can save a file in the same folder when using a text editor. It's just that script that failed with the error, but other programs allow to save there.

Thanks for this! By far the best solution I ran into after much googling. Such a basic function that MacOS doesn't support.

Part 1: From the left site, click Utilities then drag "Run Applescript" over to the right panel. Change the two pulldown menus at the top of the right panel to read: Service receives no input in Finder. This service is now available under the Finder menu in the Finder. Part 2: You will see New Empty Text File listed with "none" as the shortcut. Click on none and type the shortcut of your choice I used cmd alt N: Andrew Swift Andrew Swift 6 If "untitled.

Suggest you code in some error handling. I left it in because I wanted my answer to be as brief as possible and personally, if there's already an empty file, I'd rather be alerted and use it than create a second one. I added a second applescript line tell application "Finder" to select the file "untitled. Save the service and give it a name Create New File or whatever else you like. To test it, in the Finder go to the folder where you want to create a new file. Control-click on an existing file within that folder and select Create New File from the Services submenu.

A dialog should appear requesting a filename. Supply one then click Continue; your new file should appear. At least one Hints reader wondered why, exactly, you'd want to do this in the first place.

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Consider it a reversal of the usual Mac workflow: Instead of creating a new file within an application and, when you save it, navigating to the folder where you want to store it, you're creating the file where you want it first. Chealion Jason S Jason S 2, 11 51 This will create a text file untitled in the current folder. Heefan 3 2. TextMate is a much nicer editor in general over TextEdit, and well worth the price.

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  7. Using Terminal to Create a New Blank Text File in Any Folder!
  8. Could you please be more specific with "drag it to the toolbar". Maybe it's just that it doesn't work anymore in Mavericks, but I can't drag and drop the script. Applescript or. Arjan Arjan This is the best solution: The image is for Tiger, in Leopard the 'New file' is a sub-menu of 'More'. This is unfortunately not compatible with Snow Leopard. Link is Dead: Some of the features as listed on their website are - XtraFinder add Tabs and features to Mac Finder. Light text on dark background.

    Create a new file in the Finder

    Transparent window. Here is a screenshot of my finder toolbar - Ps. Rahul Thakur Rahul Thakur 4 Glad it helped: Doesn't work on You can find the instructions on the app's website. RahulThakur Yeah I saw, but I'm not going to do that.. TimCastelijns which does not mean it's not working. With Quicksilver you could just: Invoke QS "command x" hit the ".

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    Bryan Schuetz Bryan Schuetz 1, 11 This will select the directory. Another option is to assign a shortcut to a script like this: Lri Lri Kevin Reid Kevin Reid 2, 1 13 Mark Thalman Mark Thalman 10 If you also use an application launcher, it's no big deal. Change it to the following to just have it create any file you want: Tom Wijsman Mark Mark 5, 22 With a button on the Finder toolbar: Steps to create the button: The answer is here , which I quote below: A simple drag-and-drop solution works for me.