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Imagine you have a picture of a larger object that you would like to place on a new background. Preview lets you perform a simple image edit like this. The image will be pasted on top of the background picture you chose. Depending on the true dimensions of both images you may need to resize your pasted item.

You do so by adjusting the blue size adjustment toggles that appear around the pasted item. Preview has a fantastic tool that lets you navigate your image edits. Like going back in time, it will show you all the changes you have made to an image in a Time Machine-like carousel view. Just select the tool and trace carefully around the object you wish to select and Preview will do its best to select the correct portion of the image.

You can use this to remove items or to copy them for use in other images. This is what it is for:. It can save you so much time in contrast to the alternative of laboriously using the Lasso tool to select the item. Adjust Color is far from being the most sophisticated color adjustment tool on any platform, but it can help you tweak an image to look much better. It includes adjustment sliders for exposure, contrast, highlights, shadows, saturation, color temperature, tint, sepia, and sharpness.

It also includes a histogram with three active sliders you can use to adjust color balance. You can also use these tools to adjust the white point within your image.

Add or change the fill color in Office for Mac

We mentioned Preview's versatile mastery of multiple image formats. The great thing is the application can not only open images in all these formats, but can also shift images between them, doing so is ever so easy:. Preview understands more image formats than you will see in that list. To explore these just hold down the Option key when you click the drop-down format item.

Share Pin Email. Updated August 26, Here you will learn what the tools in Preview can do, and how to use the software for several useful image manipulation tasks: You will learn how to: Preview is compatible with a variety of image formats: From left to right the default set includes: Sidebar controls: These let you use and navigate the Sidebar, which can be useful if you are working through a multipage PDF.

Fill with a color or gradient

Magnification icons: Two magnifying glass icons let you zoom in and out of the image. You can also use Command Minus or Command Plus to accomplish this. Share button: This lets you share the current image in various ways. This drop-down menu becomes active when you open a PDF with a text entry bar.

How to Fill out PDF Forms with Preview on Mac | Wondershare PDFelement

Its primary use is to insert a signature into PDF documents. Tap this to rotate an image. Hold down the option button when you use the Rotate button to rotate in the opposite direction. Markup Toolbar: This lets you search through text in a PDF. Text Selection: When working with a PDF a text selection tool sits at the far left. This tool is not available here when working with images. The Selection Tool: This lets you choose to select an item using a Rectangular or an Elliptical tool.

It also provides Lasso and Smart Lasso selection tools, on which more below. When working with a PDF this becomes a rectangular selection tool. Instant Alpha: For some image types you can use this tool to automatically select the background or other objects within an image. Just click the area you want to select and drag your cursor.

The more you drag the cursor the more of the image will be highlighted in red to show you have selected it. Shape Tools: You can add rectangles, stars, and other shapes. There is also a Loupe tool which you can use to magnify an area of your image, just drag the green handle to decrease or the blue handle to increase magnification.

Sketch shapes with this tool. If Preview recognizes a shape you draw it will choose that instead.

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On Macs with a Force Touch touchpad, a second Draw tool appears. This is force sensitive and lets you draw thicker shapes in reaction to the pressure of your touch. Tap this box to enter text, then drag the text to where you want it to be. You can edit font, size, and color using the Text Style tool to the right of this tier of the toolbar. This tool lets you sign documents if possible in the document you are using. Note or Adjust Color: When working with PDFs a tool that lets you add notes to documents appear here.

You can also use it to add a variety of textures and add a drop shadow. If you want something stripped down and simple, basically Paint but for Mac, I recommend you check out Paintbrush. Share on Facebook Tweet this Share.

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Annotate a PDF with PREVIEW on a Mac

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