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Press the 'Eject' key on your keyboard. Quit all open applications, and restart the Finder Apple menu, Force quit, then restart Finder , and try again. Open Terminal, and enter in the following command: Basically, you use a credit card and some tape to try to grip the CD hard enough and use that friction to pull it out of your Mac: Stick a small patch of sticky tape onto a corner of the credit card it's a good idea to NOT do this over the magnetic strip Put the credit card just into the drive through the little dust flap so you can see a little bit inside the drive.

There's a lever that lets the disc eject. You'll need to hold the card over that lever, and try to get the sticky tape onto the disc, then pull out the disc with the card. It's a little tricky; you just have to be brave I sometimes use a mini screwdriver to see inside, as well.

Method 2 - Screw it—Break the Disc Before trying this method, think long and hard over whether you really want to use the disc you're trying to remove again Emmavoberry on Jun 02, '11 The two credit cards and tension worked. See the video first. Nothing else I tried worked! Lost your password? Powered by the Parse. More Mac Sites: Macworld MacUser iPhone Central. When pressing the eject button the disc is moved a tiny bit and pulled back inside immediately afterwards. You can probably see only a very tiny bit if it, but that part can't be caught by regular tweezers or other tools available in a typical household.

I also unsuccessfully tried some tips for removing a stuck DVD floating around the web. Instead, try to use the shutter of an old 3. Now you have a tool that is thin enough to go a bit deeper into you Mac's slot-in drive. Press the Eject button and try to catch a tiny part of the disc with your newly-built tool. You should have a fairly good grip on the disc, and you can start to pull it out -- very slowly!

Standard Ways to Eject a Macbook SuperDrive

Be careful. You can easily ruin your disc or drive. When in doubt, contact your local Apple service partner.

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More info, along with a sketch can be found in my original blog post. I have an Intel based Macbook. Usually if I take a q-tip moistened with a little running alcohol and run it along the opening it will help. Also, I generally do have to tip my laptop on its side to let gravity do its job.

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Every time I would hit the eject button, the image would flash like it was going to eject then…. No noises, even. The disk was no longer even spinning, there was just no response at all. Anyway, I turned it off, let it sit for about a minute and turned it back on — pressing the trackpad button the entire time.

Removing a Stuck Disc (CD/DVD) from a Mac - EVERY Way Possible

It tried to eject after about 45 seconds, but was sucked back in. Once OS X was starting to load, I tried just hitting the eject button with laptop on its side and the stupid thing finally spit out. Oh yeah, my computer was on for at least min. Kinda took a while!! Thank you so much for different ideas. I was also in same problem that my cd was stuck in my mac book. Finally it came out. Friends it is worth to read all. The battery cardboard trick worked! Thank you!!!

Thanks so much for the advice. However, the major ingredient some sort of long chain alcohol along with the polymers in solution caused a film on the disk and enabled my computer to read the disk. I just stuck a piece of cardboard in the disk drive and waited for the disk to stop rotating and then repeatedly pressed the ejection button on the keyboard. Finally a box appeared on my screen that asked which task I want to perform and I selected to eject. It worked like magic! The cardboard trick worked for me too, except I used a visiting card.

Also, my problem was more complicated as my Keyboard and Trackpad are non-functional. I selected the dvd drive on the right hand panel and the Utility showed an eject button on the top panel.

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And that worked! Thanks for the cardboard trick. Looking at the front of my MacBook Pro I saw that the upper part of the case was a little bent downwards which prevented the DVD from ejecting. Problem is that the case has to be repaired replaced? This worked for me!!! I still had a problem but, I went with another persons advice and stuck a card in the slot so the disk would not turn thus not being read. After a few times of doing this and also holding down the eject key another window popped up in iTunes asked if I wanted to eject disc.

I clicked yes and Walla disc was ejected. What a nightmare this has been. Thanks to Dani for the help… Howard. Thank you so much. Got a CD stuck just now and your method saved me getting even more annoyed with myself and even more tears, so thank you. I have the Aluminum MacBook. I forgot to eject the disc after finishing some software installing that required a restart. It would only read from the disc. Clicking down on the track pad during boot worked for me.

Victoria and Monica if you two visit this site again to see our comments well hey you two sound cute! This info really helped thank you so much. As a Mac tech, all good and useful ideas. Open a terminal window and use Disk Recorder Util:. The 45 degree angle worked like a charm. Eventually got it out by turning on computer, tilting it and pressing eject. Bingo it worked.

Thank you for saving my weekend. Kudos to you!!! Holy crap, that worked. Thanks for the tips. I tried all of your methods several times, then after i put a thick card in and tilted it and pushed eject, took out the card-out popped the CD- Many thanks. First, quit all applications that are using files on the disc. Then try one of these alternate methods:. If your drive has an emergency eject hole, put the computer to sleep and insert a large, straightened paper clip in the small emergency eject hole of the drive the location varies, depending on the drive.

Push firmly until the disc ejects. Use Open Firmware to eject the disc if all other methods fail this may not work on all computers. To use this method, you have to start up and briefly use the computer using Open Firmware, not the standard Mac OS X desktop. To eject a disc using Open Firmware: Restart the computer. When you hear the startup sound, press and hold the Command-Option-O-F keys. The Command key has an Apple on it. Press Return, then wait a few seconds.

My leopard CD was stuck inside and all it did was install the software upgrade. I cannot boot. Many thanks from a switcher. CS 5 days ago. Kim 4 months ago. Emily And Papa 5 months ago. Paul 6 months ago. Ravay Snow-Renner 6 months ago. Gale 8 months ago. Yurid 8 months ago. Lady Heinz 10 months ago. Jennette 1 year ago.

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