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Read brew doctor output and do what it says if something is wrong!

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  2. Install Ruby on Rails 5.2 · macOS High Sierra.
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Some packages you will probably need for ruby dev:. SCM Breeze shortcuts are great too. There is also a GUI pg manager helpful for troubleshooting issues http: Great in-memory data structure store, persistent with expiry times, works with z- sets, arrays, hashes, and key-value.

Set up a Mac for Ruby Dev

Mac OS X comes with an old bash for a shell. You'll also want all the magic provided by either zprezto or oh-my-zsh.

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  • Set up a Mac for Ruby Dev (Example).
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  • See my dot files repo for details. I have all my config files in git: That repo is specific to me e.


    I also created a whole new working Mac environment, and decided to use babushka for it. The cool thing about babushka is, that it is basically only one step to install everything I need to work on a new machine.

    3 Steps to Set up a Ruby Environment on macOS

    And you can share the recipies. February 25, Last Updated: Rbenv intercepts Ruby commands using shims lightweight libraries that intercept API calls injected in the PATH, determines which Ruby version is specified by your application, and passes the command along to the correct version.

    1. Setup mac for ruby dev · GitHub.
    2. Step 1 — Using the macOS Terminal?
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    We'll use Homebrew to install rbenv. We'll also install ruby-build , a rbenv plugin, that provides rbenv install command to compile and install different Ruby versions on Unix-like systems.

    Ruby on Rails for macOS High Sierra

    That's it! We're ready to start developing with Ruby in three simple steps.

    RubyCocoa - Mac OS X Software Development with Ruby 1/2

    You might also want to go through other rbenv commands and run rbenv help. Alternatively, checkout the rbenv readme. Find a mentor Web Programming. Mobile App Programming.

    Setting up your own Ruby Dev Environment on a Mac · GitHub

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