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If you thought NIghtingale was basic, wait until you get a load of Quod Libet. Rounding things out are multimedia key support, truly powerful tag editing, and a whole bunch of plugins that extend the application into almost anything you require. Quod Libet supports multiple ways of interacting with your music—playlists, album lists, or album collections. It also features built-in Soundcloud integration, podcast support, and perhaps one of the most extensive gatherings of Internet radio stations out of all the applications on the list.

You should definitely read up on all the ways you can search through your music, because it is truly impressive. Tomahawk is a little different from the other music players on this list. The emphasis of Tomahawk is the social aspect, and as such, you can create your own custom stations, listen to what your friends are playing, drop and share songs, and even check your Inbox to see what people have shared with you.

It looks pretty and displays track details, audio wave forms, and stereo levels. It also offers four size options, including a mini player. You can apply up to three of these effects to your music playback at a time. Last, though definitely not least, is the venerable VLC , which besides playing pretty much every file format in existence , is also a surprisingly capable iTunes replacement. Chances are you already have VLC installed on your Mac for playing video files not supported by other apps. Finally, VLC has a few streaming radio options and offers podcast support.

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It may be a little basic, but VLC does the job. There was a time when iTunes on the Mac was the only game in town, and finding a suitable replacement was nearly impossible. Luckily, there are some great free tools to clean it up and make sure that never happens again. Let's check out the best. There was a time when tagging and organizing your music was something that you set aside hours to do. You'd have to meticulously dig up artist, album, and track information for each song, type it all in, and download album art for everything.

You can still do it all manually , but if you aren't super nitpicky about your library, there are some great apps that'll sort your music automatically. In this post, we'll discuss some of the best. There's a case to be made that it's easier to just give up on your music library entirely and switch to a service like Spotify, which lets you hear whatever you want whenever you want it. I've had varying levels of success with each approach.

Sadly, if you like any older, obscure, or remixed tracks, especially if you're into electronica or independent music, you're going to run into trouble finding what you want. Similarly, while I've found that iTunes Match and Google Music often do a great job of figuring out what that mislabeled track is, it doesn't update its metadata in my music library. When I start a station based on a mislabeled song, the following tracks are appropriate and in-theme, but after the song's over, I still have to update the song myself.

That's where the tools we're about to mention come in. They'll clean up your library so when you do upload them, iTunes Match and Google Music will find high-quality replacements to store in the cloud for you, and when you choose to listen locally or offline, you'll never have trouble finding what you want to hear. Before we go any further though, a word of warning: These tools make permanent changes to the files in your music library! Make sure you back it up before doing anything drastic.

Best Music Management Software

MusicBrainz is a free, open, music encyclopedia. It features information on close to a million artists, over a million releases, and over 13 million individual recordings. It's a treasure trove of songs and their associated information, and there are almost a dozen apps that interface with it in order to organize and tag your music.

This is where the confusion starts. A lot of people know "MusicBrainz," but they don't know that MusicBrainz is just a massive database of music. Then, there are apps that use this database to identify and tag your music. Those apps do two things: First, they check your song against the database to see if they can find a match. If they can't, or if there isn't enough data to search, then they check the song against AcoustID , a database of audio fingerprints in order to figure out what the song really is.

The Best iTunes Music Organizer for Windows and Mac OS X

This is how "Track It can do acoustic fingerprint searches, entire CD searches, and has a ton of plugins to extend its features. There are plugins to use Last. There's another one that downloads cover art. Just select a set of audio files, choose the way in which your files will be organized and renamed from a wide set More Just select a set of audio files, choose the way in which your files will be organized and renamed from a wide set of commonly used predefined patterns, select the location where you want your files to be moved, and you're ready to go.

How to Cleanup iTunes Music Libraray – Remove Duplicate Songs in iTunes

Get a perfectly organized music collection in just three easy steps. If the audio files that you are trying to organize have incomplete or invalid tags NeatMP3 will automatically take care of them by removing the invalid tags and filling the incomplete tags with information extracted from the names of the original files. Want to manually edit your tags? No problem!

Best Music Organizer for iTunes/Windows and Mac OS X

All these features combined make NeatMP3 a very powerful music organizing tool that every music enthusiast should have. Discover New Mac Apps. Mac Update. Promo Desktop Apps for you Blog.

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