Mac erase free space failed

I have been erasing free space for almost all of that time. I have never had this problem before Yosemite.

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I have never used that feature; the only time I use secure erase is when I am about to get a machine ready for sale. Otherwise I simply empty the trash. Aug 20, 9: I also have had years of erasing the free space as part of my general maintenance regime and since Yosemite upgrade I get the same error. Takes ages to do and fails in the final stages saying cannot create temporary file. Aug 20, That will take some time and will erase the entire disk. You need to erase the entire disk because you need to reinstall the original OS on the machine as the license for the OS you downloaded from the app store is not transferable and is tied to the Apple ID used to obtain it forever.

Aug 21, 1: Selling old Mac 4 Apple support. As an aside, it is a VERY good idea to Format using the Partition Screen window only available when the drive device hardware is highlighted instead of the partition under the device in the main left table in Disk Utility selecting only one 1 partition, don't leave it in the pre-existing condition in the pull-down, because any errors in the partition table will only be erased by re-establishing the table by selecting the number of partitions [normally 1] , rather than doing this via the Erase screen big no-no, only use Erase when you are sure both the boot-drive and the new drive is otherwise "good".

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Now boot from your Backup and do "Carbon Copy Cloner" back to your boot-drive. This should put your system back to rights barring errors in the backed up OSX system. Then do all the updates. Now everything clean. If boot-drive erased, second backup drive will need to be used to install system, Migration Assistant now points to existing first Backup.

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Migration Assistant only works on Firewire with If, after any or all of the previous, you still can't get the secondary drive to format and Clear Free Space, NOW you ARE dealing with a computer hardware problem or failure. And that means trying to initialize and start over with your boot-drive, from scratch may prove difficult or problematic in the future too. I have run into several computers that are getting tired or worn, and will overheat and freeze-up in the middle of critical operations like "Clear Free Space"; which can bash your boot-drive, or any other drive, for that matter.

MacOSX normally never freezes. Only tired hardware works sometimes, but overheats and freezes without warning can cause this. I hope I've been helpful, and not too depressing. Good luck, leave no possibility unturned. You may get lucky and figure this thing out.

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I really appreciate you writing all this helpful info! For the record, I got the problem fixed the day that it happened. Disk Utility had written the complete "Zero's" temporary file, and then froze. I force quit it, but that caused the 0's file to get "lost". I ended up finding a terminal code to delete that specific file, did and rebooted the computer so that it would recognize the newly freed space, and I was good to go.

I verified my disk and found that there were a couple errors, so I still need to pop in disk 2 and do a repair. I keep putting it off, which is probably not a good practice. Anyway, thanks for the help. Oh man, I'm didn't read the stuff before your comment. I thought you were responding to me.

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My bad. Last edited: Dec 18, ElDiabloConCaca U. Prime Apr 8, To remove a file from the Terminal, type: If you are left with allot less free space after the process has actually finished, then just reformat once more presuming you have nothing of value data wise on the drive? I did the same thing and was left with no remaining memory on my hard drive.

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I tried your suggestions, but that did not work either. Any other hints?

No Disk Space After Failed Disk Utility Erase Free Space

Lost your password? Powered by the Parse. More Mac Sites: Macworld MacUser iPhone Central. Recover from an incomplete Erase Free Space process Mar 28, '07 I was thinking of all the private information that I never have time to secure delete from my trash because I'm too impatient, and I thought it would be a good idea just to run Disk Utility's Erase Free Space Pass feature overnight just for good measure. Unfortunately, it was not done in the morning, so I hit Skip, and I was in a rush, so against better judgement, I then used Force Quit.

However, Disk Utility erases free disk space by simply making a giant file that is nothing but zeros or random data. It left that huge file, leaving me with Kb of free space, instead of 70Gb. What's worse is that I had no idea where it left that file!

Erase process has failed. Click done to continue. Disk Utility Error FIX - Mac

A reboot didn't clear it out, and I couldn't find any help on the usual Mac sites It turns out that the fix is simple: This will create an empty file on your desktop you can then delete. The following comments are owned by whoever posted them. This site is not responsible for what they say. Recover from an incomplete Erase Free Space process Authored by: