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I do use smcFanControl, but is there any way of accessing its information from terminal? That's what I'm most interested in. You can use smcFanControl's smc command line tool to get the fan speed; github.

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You are almost there. Answer is below. Current CPU temperature on command line , talks about the project and how to extract the fan speed: Alternatives Other tools and applications exist, including Temperature Monitor. Pre-Mac OS X See also: Reading hardware information from command line with built-in tools.


Determining Fan Speeds. Graham Miln Graham Miln Bresink's Temperature Monitor which I use is free for reading temperature, but needs a license to read other sensors e. It is good, but works only via command line, to find application go to: Sampling all processes for 1 seconds with 10 milliseconds of run time between samples Focusing on launchd [1] Sampling completed, processing symbols CousinCocaine CousinCocaine 6, 8 38 I'm running I am running I cannot find my 'version' of spindump, but my fan speed is in the first 20 lines. Macmini5,3 and an MBP retina Hardware model: Both have the variable "Fan speed" in their output.

Not finding this reliable. Also if I run: Same problem with sudo wudo , is this a command which needs to be installed first?

Disable tailspind and spindump to Speed Up your Mac - The Mac Observer

Triple click the following, copy it, and paste it into Terminal: Greg Greg 1. In the question, he says he does not want to do this exact thing. Plus the question was answered fully last year.

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I'd like to add my voice to Spotlight's. Greg - Welcome to Ask Different. The community can seem be a bit brutal here at times which may be a bit off putting for new users such as yourself. I applaud your effort to contribute and wanted to point you toward our Help Center: How to Answer as a resource for writing answers which will attract views and up votes. Don't let the negative votes on your first answer dissuade you from contributing in the future.

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This has the benefit of helping keep your system files pure and malware-free, with the cost of flexibility. To disable tailspind and spindump we need that flexibility, and that means temporarily disabling System Integrity Protection SIP. To disable SIP:. Once SIP is disabled, the steps to disable tailspind and spindump are pretty straightforward 3. The first two turn off and render spindump useless, and then the second two do the same for tailspind:.

Disabling tailspind and spindump on macOS High Sierra

From this point forward, tailspind and spindump will be disabled and will not run on your Mac 4. Does anybody have direct experience that this procedure is still valid for Thanks for this. I use a lot of processor-intensive photo software and my MacBook performance has been awful since upgrading to High Sierra. Applied the fix and it is now working like a charm again. You must reverse the 4 steps that you did to disable the processes. Note that SIP must be disabled in order to do these. If you are entering a command that has sudo in front of it, you may be prompted for your admin password.

MacObserver or the contributors to this forum are not responsible if you machine blows up in a flaming ball of fire because of something you enter in the terminal. Dave first of all thank you for this tip. I have been wanting to implement it but not sure how to reverse if I have issues after doing it.

So it might be helpful if you could update the article with reversal instructions which I guess would be just to go into Terminal and type: Thank you for this tip.