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Ver y occasionally it will synch, but it is totally unreliable. The few occasions when it actually works!

HTC Sync Manager - Download

Sync manager is buggy and can prove difficult to use more often than not. Absolutely horrible. The program is buggy and the interface is far from smooth and orderly which makes it difficult to get things done in an efficient manner. I've had plenty of problems with this program that simply shouldn't exist such as when the program cannot recognize the phone connected to it. I had to manually install the apk files onto the phone just to get it to pop up correctly.

It could be good possibly but so far I'm not impressed. I'd rather manually plug whatever files I want into my phone than use this and sadly I have never had such issues when I was using iTunes to sync my phone data. Sync sometimes doesn't recognize the phone. Interface is basic. Easier to manually plug in files onto the phone itself than it is to sync it through this program More.

HTC Sync 3. It would be nice if at least there was a file with error codes and explanations I also get replications of names on a random basis each time I attempt to sync. Extremely frustrating and there is no automated process for eliminating duplicates. Am I unique with this problem - there appears to be a trend since had similar problem with calendar syncs earlier today.

Letting the team down.. Come on guys, stop trying to fix what's not worth fixing! You manufacture some of the best phones in the world, but what should be a simple and user friendly app', is letting your company and your end users down. Scrap it and utilize one of the professional software developers out there who know what they're doing! Please, before you lose what you have worked so hard to build!

I love my HTC Wildfire, but am considering trying another brand at my next update!

MobiKin Assistant for Android (Mac Version)

Htc sync is a bad problem for htc owners. I really love my inspire but with the damage htc sync is doing to my computer it leaves a sour taste. Why can't someone at htc recognize the problem and get it fixed?? HTC Sync. This program is utterly worthless.

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Doesn't do a damned thing. Just trying to move pictures and video from my phone to my comp uter. Only way is to email each and every photo to myself and that's when the phones email program is working. Can't move videos at all since they are too big. Waiting for my contract to expire so I can switch. See scathing review above More. Second time, i data factory reset it but it still pops the same message. I tried this and created a goldcard with a kingston 2gb card yet in the terminal on mac it says sudo: Bad CPU type in executable over and over again before saying step compleated.

Then when I try and boot into recovery mode the red warning screen comes up instead of a menu with wipe option!!: S what am i doing wrong!! Hi unlockr, thanks for your hack. Have successfully downgraded to 1. I had problems with step2-windows. So I followed the link to downgrade to 1. Link again: Hi Unlocker, Me Legend phone can install Froyo after downgraded. Please give some idea. I am having problems between step1. Also in step 1. Unlockr, thank you kindly. I followed the steps exactly and it worked an absolute treat!! Thank you again!! China Desire, Really buggy.

I ve done all the steps but after I run step2, my htc does not show the wipe setting Plz help. Root - Forum Android Italiano. I had the same issue here on XP und Win 7. You could try to get usbdeview, uninstall all di Drivers with HTC in it and then plug the Legend back in with recovery mode. This worket for me after a reboot.

It always gives me error code I did not need to downgrade from 1. Okay I followed the steps, making a goldcard first. After step 6 my phone just displays a phone with a red warning triangle.

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I live in Northern Europe. Okay tried again and got it to work. Thanks a lot, I thought I had bricked my phone or something. Should learn to read instructions properly. Vi prego di ordinarmi le idee su come rootare il telefono! Hi is there a device version limitation? HTC Legend: Froyo per CyanogenMod 6. HI, I had my phone rooted before. Last time it worked great but now when I try to run step2 I only get: This is what I want to know, too.

It gets stuck on the! Is that page deleted? I know it says its for the desire but it should work on the Legend too. ALSO if i try using this method i get stuck at the step1-windows. Try the Unrevoked method to root instead if you are having issues with this procedure. Search for Unrevoked at the top of our site.

Help please! Hi, i just got to step 7 and executed step2-windows. Downgrade the HTC Legend to 1. Hi, im trying to root my legend from virgin mobile in canada. Everything worked for me till the last step when step2-windows. After pushing 31 files it always says: What must I do now? After this, I just followed the rooting guide. Hi Kaver79, You need to put your phone in bootloader mode manually.

That means it was not necessary to run step2-windows. Can I run it when the phone is up and running after granting su rights? I spent the day wrestling with this and only managed to root it after downgrading the software. I would highly recommend you do the same to avoid the frustration that I experienced. Create goldcard make sure its working. Downgrade software. Follow this tute. Thanks to everyone who put this tutorial together! I had many of the errors discussed below with my Legend. I downgraded and also instead of using a card reader used the phone. Not sure which one of these made it work but eventually had some luck after literally being at it all day!

Thanks for the good tutorial. Root o nuova ROM Connect your phone to your PC. Fire up command prompt and issue: Next thing is backing up misc partition and replacing it with one from hack4legend-v5. Extract this zip somewhere and fire another command promt there. Hulp nodig met rooten.

Do I have to worry if I find this more thrilling than a roller coaster ride? Thanks to everyone for their efforts. I have already upgrade my Legend to 2. How can I root my Legend now? Please help! I have HTC Sync 2. Same problem. I was abble to downgrade to 1. Tried it on windows 7 and OS x.. This is probably caused by an incorrect instruction in the goldcard how-to. Instead of manually reversing the cid code in step 6 of the goldcard how-to, reverse it using the online goldcard hex reverser: Do i have to make a goldcard for rooting my phone or can i root it anyway? I have done a jailbreak on a ipod touch once but this looks more complicated.

I try it for many hours on win 7. On win XP i have it for 15 minutes. I am talking about downgrading. Hello I Rooted my android 2. Then i want to go back to 2. Pls advise me if i want to have root and original HTC 2. I know how to root but dont know how to upgrade to 2. Is there a way to gain complete root? This procedure is rather old, do you have a link to a new sync version to help others out? I think that the vscredit. Rendering all the installers useless and thus making this procedure impossible,.

It was pretty annoying to find out after creating a goldcard and having alot of problem with downgrading to finaly come here and it all fails on a download link. A clean format and reinstall of w7 solved the problem. I just have some questions before I push through: Fastnat i "fastboot" Swedroid.

HTC Sync Manager (formerly HTC Sync)

I even went out and bought the Kingston 2 gig. After I edit with the hex editor it cannot be read and the comp asks for me to reformat it again. Please help. Any ideas? It fails at step2 and the command prompt closes with the reason error: Rooting scheitert - Android-Hilfe. Then plug back in, boot phone whilst holding back, and navigate to the recover! Could someone help me with rooting my Legend 2. I have made a goldcard. On the step1 I have an error 43 and on the step 2- error-device is offline.

Thanks a lot in advance. Legend Fehler bei der Goldcard hilfe. Posted by David Cogen. Monday, June 7th, This procedure is now obsolete. Please try this post here on XDA and follow those instructions instead.

The HTC Aria

Please also contact us and let us know if it works for you so we can update this procedure for others. Before You Begin II. Create a Goldcard III. First Name. Related Posts. Razer Blade 15 Complete Walkthrough: RTX Graphics. Montblanc Summit 2 Complete Walkthrough: Gaming Phone Beast. Please can someone answer this question. How can we get passed the second bat file. Can you please be more specific?

Nick Bantras. So is there a fix for that? Same problem as above!