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Duplicate photos, files, and documents are another reason Mac users get frustrated with space, speed, and performance issues.

How to check storage on Mac and optimize it

One quick scan will solve a long-term problem. It will even find similar files: Another way to analyze hard drive space and free it up is using Disk Drill. This app helps you visualize the space on your drives and identify files that may be taking up a lot of space. You can view the files that are the biggest space hogs, as well as permanently delete them directly from within the app.

Disk Drill helps you easily clean up your disks and recover your precious disk space. The next useful feature is that you can remove duplicates directly from this application. Disk Drill allows you to easily find duplicate files and remove them to free additional disk space. Also, Disk Drill will alert you to any issues, making it easy to clear space and stop suffering from a slow Mac syndrom.

How to check your Mac's free hard drive space

Just open the app from Setapp and enable S. T monitoring. An icon will appear on your desktop, which will automatically monitor space, disk drive temperatures, and performance. Perform regular checkups with these space-liberating apps, which, by the way, are all available on a single subscription from Setapp. How to check disk space on your Mac Finder window status bar.

Open the View menu and select Show status bar. Want an always-visible overview of your disk usage?

Go to the View menu and select Show Status Bar. Find your hard drive in the Finder and select it.

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The Info window shows the capacity, available space, and used space, as well as other information. In recent versions of macOS Yosemite or later , you can easily check your disk usage from the About box. Click the Storage tab in the toolbar to see how much disk space you have available.

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Open Spotlight by clicking the magnifying glass in the upper-right corner of the screen, then type Disk Utility in the search box that appears. Once Disk Utility comes up in the list and is highlighted, press the Enter key.

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You can also check the free space for any drive you have connected to your Mac from this window, be it a USB flash drive or external hard drive. Disk Utility provides basic information about your hard drive and other disks. CleanMyMac X is the leading utility tool for Mac, designed to quickly and comprehensively remove junk files from your system. If you need to free up space in a hurry, download the app today.

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What to do when your hard drive is full?

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